WaPo loses no time spinning Orlando mass shooting as gun control issue

You gotta hand it to liberals!. Not only are their minds locked onto a single, narrow narrative about the world and how it works, but the wheels turn instantaneously. No sooner does a tragic event occur than lefties are out in force politicizing it to support their myopic world view.

The bodies of the victims of this morning’s deadly massacre in a Florida gay bar are not yet cool, and already the Washington Post is editorializing on the need for greater gun control in the nation.

Writing at Wonkblog, Max Ehrenfreund observes, “As America grapples with another mass shooting, we’re certain to face questions about the country’s unique gun culture and the prevalence of gun violence.”

Ehrenfreund never explains in what way he finds the country’s gun culture unique but gets the ball rolling with half a dozen bullet points for discussion:

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