US State Department supports an Islamist takeover in Syria

Syria, Assad, Parliament
Syria, Assad, Parliament

The U.S. State Department has recommended a “regime change” in Syria stating that this is “the only way to defeat ISIS”.

First, there is no “regime” in Syria, as you will understand fully after reading this article. Second, the Syrian Armed Forces have made steady progress taking out ISIS cells, weapon stockpiles, training camps, and they have re-taken much territory from ISIS over the last year.

Though the US-coalition has had many opportunities to do the same, it has chosen to do little, other than occasionally taking out an ISIS  “leader” — who is always replaced immediately. Instead of hitting ISIS targets, the US-coalition often hits hospitals, civilian neighborhoods and Syrian Army bases. The U.S. has shown no intentions of taking out ISIS.

If the Syrian government is taken down, as the U.S. State Department desires, the various foreign “opposition” groups will immediately replace the current system of government with Islamic Law. This is what the “opposition” groups have been doing each time they enter a town or city. Christians, Yazidis, Druze, Armenians, Alewites, and other Syrian minority groups, will immediately be massacred as the Islamists enforce Islamic Law as the new “government” system.

The ultimate consequence of taking down the current system of government will be that foreign Islamists will flood the region in even greater numbers. And the surrounding states of Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon will quickly fall to Islamist control, using Syria as their base. And then ISIS strongholds in Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia will then become more powerful and draw more ISIS cells. And the takeover of North Africa will then begin.  ~~~~

Syria had its most recent Parliament elections on April 13, 2016

President Bashar al-Assad gave a speech before the first meeting of the newly elected Parliament on June 6th. Behind him, in the photo attached, is the new Speaker of Parliament, Hadiya Abbas, the first woman elected as head of Parliament.

The Syrian people set an unprecedented voter turnout for the 2016 elections, sending a clear message to America that the more pressure Syria gets regarding taking down their elected government, the more the Syrian people show their commitment to their sovereignty and to their independence.

Added to the enormous voter turnout, there was also an unprecedented number of candidates. The candidates represented all sectors of Syrian society, assorted religions, various political parties, and a diversity of social groups. There was also a greater number of female candidates than in previous elections. The Parliament represents the full spectrum of the Syrian people and it is they who will be making new laws and changing old laws and deciding on important issues for the future of Syria.

Syria gained its independence in 1946. It is an independent, sovereign state with an elected government. It is against International Law to attempt the removal of the government of a sovereign state. What the U.S. State Department wishes to do is illegal.

Like the Parliament, Bashar al-Assad was also elected by the people. The presidential election of June 2014 also had an enormous voter turnout and Bashar al-Assad won the election by a large majority:

73 % of the Syrian population voted in the presidential election of June 2014

Assad won the election with a majority of 88 %

A group of international observers, including a panel of Americans, reported that the election was a valid and democratic election. The UN made an official announcement confirming the panel’s observations.

If the Syrian people did not believe in their system of government, with its system of checks and balances via the Parliament, Judicial branch and Presidency, they would have had a low voter turnout for both the Presidential election and the Parliament elections. Or they would have boycotted the elections, as so many mid-eastern countries do when the people are unhappy with the system. Or, the elections would have been met with anger. Yet none of this occurred.

Instead, the elections had immense voter turnouts and the Syrian people displayed enormous patriotism and support for their chosen candidates. There were massive numbers of people at Assad rallies in every city throughout Syria. People hung Syrian flags and posters of Assad on their homes, their businesses, and on the windows of their cars. There was widespread involvement and patriotism throughout the election process.

The American people have been lied to in order to promote an Islamist agenda in Syria. There are 10 main foreign “opposition” groups trying to force Islamic Law on the Syrian people and form an Islamic “Levant”. These Islamist groups do not consist of Syrian nationals, but consist of foreigners.

In his speech at the opening day of Parliament, President al-Assad noted that the Parliament elections were not ordinary. Not only because the level of participation was unprecedented, but that this Parliament is different from previous ones because the voters fully recognized the state of affairs in Syria and the value of personal sacrifice.

Assad stated:

“Your Parliament this time includes the injured who sacrificed a piece of their body. Your Parliament this time is the mother or father whose children sacrificed their lives in order for Syria to exist. Your Parliament is the doctor who kept the admirable character of his profession and considered the people, their economic conditions and living conditions, and treated them for free. Your Parliament is the artist who carried a gun and defended his land and honor.”

The President also said:

“It is no longer secret that the essence of the political process for international countries supporting terrorism has been aimed at undermining the presence of any concept of a Syrian homeland.”

Assad also mentioned the Syrian Constitution, and the international community’s refusal to acknowledge that the Constitution exists. That the Syrian Constitution is 100% based on principles of freedom and equality, and, very important, due to fighting ISIS and Islamic terrorism, that the Syrian Army is defined in the Constitution as “the guarantor of the people’s security and safety”.

Assad said:

“The Syrian Constitution protects cultural diversity, citizen’s liberties, and the independence of the judiciary and parliamentary system, as well as principles of checks and balances.” 

“… The [western] scheme was for terrorism to come and fully take over, but be given the title “moderate”. The scheme was to undermine our Constitution, and consequently create absolute chaos.”  

“… The imperialist states put themselves as protectors of those groups, and their interference in the affairs of the homeland then became justified …”

“… Most Syrian provinces, villages, and towns have suffered, and still suffer from terrorism, and we resist it, but Erdogan’s regime has always focused on Aleppo because for him it’s the only hope for his Muslim Brotherhood project  … [but] Aleppo’s people refused to be a pawn or a tool in the hand of strangers, and they resisted and persevered and they remain in Aleppo. They defend it and defend the homeland.”

President Assad also mentioned that the Saudis openly declared their support for these terrorist groups more than once, and that Turkey openly sends terrorists across the borders into Syria, all while the Americans turn a blind eye. He added:

“They weren’t content with the terrorism of explosives and shells; they also backed it with economic terrorism through sanctions against Syria and through pressuring the Syrian Pound with the goal of economic collapse and bringing the Syrian people to their knees.”

President Assad said the economy will be one of the priorities for the new Parliament and government. The issue of the Syrian Pound is also linked to terrorism because the various terrorist (“opposition”) groups constantly attack infrastructure and economic facilities. The “opposition” groups destroy infrastructure, electrical and water plants, hospitals, cut off roads between cities, and they destroy Syria’s capitals.

Assad said

“Just like we liberated Palmyra and many other areas before it, we will liberate every inch of Syria from the terrorist’s grasp. We have no choice other than victory, or else there won’t be a Syria, and our children will not have a present, or a future.”

Assad thanked medical professionals, who had recently created makeshift hospitals inside caves; one was opened in a chicken farm, and one in a civilian home. Assad said:

“We’ve tried to outfit these makeshift hospitals as best as we can with modern technology and with full medical teams.”

Assad then addressed the Armed Forces, saying that no words could possibly do them justice. He said the Armed Forces are the sole reason why Syria continues to exist. He saluted them, and then he saluted their families.

To the new Parliament he said:

“These heroes gave their lives in defense of the land and the people, and of the country. We must preserve the Constitution, and remain devoted to justice and equal opportunities. These heroes gave their lives to restore the homeland whole and intact. Live up to their sacrifices, be as the people hope you to be. Your mission isn’t just a duty entrusted to you by the voters; it is also a duty entrusted to you by those who died, and the wounded, and the bereaved mothers, and all those who offered their blood, money, intellect, and position to protect their homeland. It is a great and serious duty, so let us all bear it together and live up to it.”

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.