There is only one side of the issues!

Professors are being investigated by the BRT. HUH! Who are the BRT? Let me help. They are the “Bias Response Team.” That’s right! Several colleges now have these teams in place so that any real or perceived issues can be investigated.

BUT, who decided what’s real or perceived? Let’s put it this way… 2 professors are already being investigated for an assignment that required the “kids” in their classes to look at issues from a different perspective. Like, why is gay marriage OK? And… Why is being gay normal? And many more.

The professors were trying to teach them how to converse with fact. OMG!

Now the only issues complained about so far were the ones that had to deal with any kind of sexual orientation.

The professors took no stand on either side of the issue. They just wanted the “kids” to defend and discuss. You know… like a DEBATE!

Read more at Washington Examiner: No Thinking Allowed

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