The Orlando Massacre, An Act of Evil Jihadist Terror!

handgun, holster, man
handgun, holster, man

This past week has been rough for me emotionally, more than I anticipated.  The level of rage and anger is unlike anything I’ve felt in a very long time.  After learning of the Orlando shooting, I posted several articles and remarks calling this event an act of Islamic terror.  Several of my liberal Facebook friends took issue with my remarks as spreading hate.  After a couple of days, I came to the conclusion that some people were more offended by what I said than by the Orlando shooter killing 49 innocent lives.  Thus I began to call on them confronting their twisted priorities.  Of course as liberals, they just wanted to put their proverbial heads further into the sand.

It’s not all bad. Gay conservatives across the country began to come out even on my Facebook wall.  Rainbow “Don’t Tread On Me” stickers started appearing all over West Hollywood even in front of the Abbey, a watering hole for conceited, self-absorbed gay boys.  I’m sure some of them were aghast to find out there are gay conservatives living in WeHo.  Enough of my rant; here are some interesting developments since the Orlando shooting:

*Gun sales in the LGBT community have gone up exponentially.

*Gun owners in this country have offered safety or shooting classes geared for LGBT’s free of charge.

*Sales of AR15 rifles are flying off the shelves.

*One of the NRA’s top marksmen, Chris Cheng, is openly gay and speaking out.

*An organization in Texas known as Open and Carry is offering armed escorts for gays to pride events.

*Gay liberals are switching their votes to Trump.

Now for the blame game.  Our media has been very active and many have hurled accusations for the shooting at guns, the NRA, conservative Christians, Donald Trump, Barry Obama, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  However no one seems to be blaming the shooter.  He and ISIS are the only ones responsible for the Orlando shooting. No one else.  Perhaps in the coming weeks blame for the shooting will be pinned on Bigfoot and space aliens.  Finally we might learn Soylent Green is made of people!

One acquaintance from Australia took issue at one of my posts on Facebook and proceeded to attach a link about that country’s gun confiscation.  My response was a simple question; “From the time of the initial confiscation to present day has the Australian people ever lost confidence in their government?”  I went on to tell him people in this country lost confidence in their own government long ago.  Our citizens are taking personal responsibility for their own safety and arming themselves, including the LGBT community.  The Australian people are more practical than ideological. 

Regardless of party affliction or political persuasion, Australians hold their government representatives accountable and vote them out of office when necessary.  In the U.S. we re-elect incompetent office holders, sometimes until they retire or for the rest of their lives, and they continue to screw us over.  Also, the Australian government does things to insure their domestic tranquility that liberals and progressives in the U.S. will not tolerate.  Especially on matters of immigration and naturalization.

A lot of liberals are finding it hard to swallow that this was an act of Islamic Jihadism.  Of course they want to deflect from the hard reality of the situation.  Usually by moral equivalence saying all religions have an element of extremism. 

Some may point out that the bouncer of the Pulse nightclub was a US Marine and a Muslim.  I’ll retort that by saying, in the Muslim world that young man, who did what he could to saves lives at the Pulse nightclub, would be declared an apostate and killed.

As evil prevails, the peaceful become irrelevant particularly when they are individually silent about events like this.  A number of times when I point things out, liberals will get frustrated and call me, or anyone else who disagrees with them, a hateful bigot.  White liberals tend to sober up when they realize I’m a Latino and a man of color who is gay and conservative. Essentially I’m their worst politically correct nightmare!

I would ask them; why are you more offended by the things I’m saying than the guy who shot 49 innocent LGBT lives?  How many more have to be killed in order for you to face reality? 50 more? 100? 200? 3000?  How many more have to be killed in order for you to realize we have an Islamic Jihadist problem?

Even worse, we have a government or administration that has become impotent.  Unwilling to protect its own people from terrorism.  It was comforting to hear the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the only world leader making sense of this shooting calling it what it is… Islamic Terrorism! As far as I’m concern, Netanyahu deserves to be in the White House!

My convictions about the Second Amendment have become much more resolved over this past week.  Yes, I’ve had enough.  Personally, I believe the right to bear arms is the only right we have that keeps us from falling into total tyranny.

If the government tries to confiscate our personally held firearms, I fear an armed insurrection by its own citizens.  Emiliano Zapata was credited for saying;

“Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas.” 


“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” 

That applies to many Americans today, especially those who are Latino.  Personally, I’m telling others of my greater concern for preserving LGBT lives than for political correctness.

To be continued!

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