NYU rejects students’ meaningless fossil fuel political statement

Oil Well Pump Rig, Fossil fuel
Oil Well Pump Rig, Fossil fuel

It’s always good to see responsible adults making good business decisions on a college campus. These days there are so many crazy stories coming from these institutions of Liberal Indoctrination that I often wonder if there is any common sense to be found there. Apparently there is!

CampusReform reports:

The New York University Board of Trustees rejected vehement demands from students to divest from fossil fuels because doing so would have amounted to a meaningless political statement.

The NYU Board of Trustees went on to explain…

“We applaud the efforts of faculty, students, and staff…but do not support NYU using its endowment as a tool for simply making statements.”

And THAT is how you teach our young people to make good business decisions while balancing issues and causes to make a difference in other areas.

You can read the full article at CampusReform.

Photo credit Ray Bodden


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