Learn from Israel’s open carry and bear arms

Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster
Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster

Message to California’s 9th Circuit from American vet in Israel

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you regarding the 9th Circuit decision prohibiting carrying a firearm in public. This is a huge concern for me for many reasons.

First, let me tell you who I am. I’m originally from Queens, NY. I have served in the United States Army for 13 years with 2 Afghanistan deployments under my belt. I currently live in Israel and am now a writer for the Real Side with Joe Messina, PolitiChicks, and Israel’s Voice.

As a soldier, I swore to protect the American people, to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies of the United States, foreign and domestic. Part of the Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms. I personally feel that taking away that right is a violation of the Constitution, which I swore to uphold and for which fellow brothers and sisters in arms have died. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain.

My wife is originally from California. She told me her own personal stories of how dangerous California can be growing up there. I have many people that I truly care about who live in California. Why put them in harm’s way with no plan to be able to defend themselves?

Having a weapon keeps predators at bay. Take a look at all the facts that are presented. The cities and states that allow public carrying of a personal weapon have crime rates that are much lower than those of cities and states that don’t allow public carry.

I have also seen in far too many cases here in Israel that lives have been saved from people carrying a weapon out in public. Israelis are actually encouraged to do that and last week’s terror attack in a restaurant highlights why.  Please rethink your decision to save lives.

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