ICYMI: It doesn’t matter what Hillary’s done. What’s important is, she’s a WOMAN!

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi
Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi

In case you missed this the first time around… take a listen. This is future campaign ad material… for Hillary’s opposition!

Nancy Pelosi is always good for a few head scratchers.

First she says Hillary Clinton is an excellent candidate who is “qualified.” Then she says the war was a bad idea, it should never have happened. She goes on to say that Hillary (and others) voted in favor of the war. But we shouldn’t hold that against Hillary, because she’s VERY qualified. Plus… it’s time for a woman president. Just think what that would mean to girls and women everywhere.

Did she elaborate on any of her qualifications? Nope.

But we can just glide past that war vote… the Benghazi debacle… the email scandal… and her despicable treatment of the “floozies and bimbos” who complained about her lecherous husband’s (our former President) treatment of them.

Those things aren’t important and don’t really speak to her character or integrity, right?

Listen carefully at the 3:00 mark and then again after the question at the 5:00 mark.

H/T RealClearPolitics

Photo credit US Dept of State


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