Hey Bernie, Venezuela feels the burn… any thoughts?

Venezuela, Feeling The Bern, Socialism, Political Cartoon
Venezuela, Feeling The Bern, Socialism, Political Cartoon

The Venezuela Crisis is exactly what Bernie Sanders has in store for The U.S.A.

In case you haven’t heard, the socialist nation of Venezuela is meltdown. There is no more food. People are starving. They’re eating their pets! Toilet paper and other necessities are being rationed and is a rare commodity. Sounds like paradise now doesn’t it? When they talk about “equality” they aren’t joking. The average citizens are all equal. Equally poor. Equally hungry. And equally without life’s basic necessities. But you can be sure that those in political power aren’t doing without anything, otherwise something would change quickly.

Political cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

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