GOP needs to take a lesson in unity from the Master

Jesus, Disciples, Apostles
Jesus, Disciples, Apostles

11 Apostles or 12 Candidates?

So, one day, before Jesus had left the earth he knew it would be extremely important for him to not just rise from the dead and head back up into Heaven… he knew that his disciples, those eleven men who spent each and every day with him on his three year ministry would be shaken a bit of the activities in the last few days.

You see, there actually were 12 men, but the 12th and not necessarily in that order, well, he was in charge of the money and… in a nutshell, got greedy. In fact, he became so greedy that he sold Jesus down the river for a lousy 30 coins.

Well, Jesus knew the human condition, he had lived on the earth for 33 years and dealt with everything a human being can experience. And he knew the emotional strain that must have been put on those eleven men. Think about it. In the last few days, they lost a friend, the one who betrayed Jesus, and the 11 men’s friendship and their leader, Jesus.

He was the one they had left everything for. The one that they gave up their professions that were bringing in the money for their livelihoods. He was the one they had just given 3 years of their lives to, and who they also had the misfortune to witness being tortured, tried, and executed as a criminal… all because of this terrible act of a friend.

These guys did not know if they should run, hide, or high tail it out…

So, they did what they only knew to do….

They went back to work as a fishermen, tax collector, you name it. They went back to it.

So, Jesus knew, if the ministry he had started three years earlier was going to continue… he was going to have to go down and produce a miracle that they, the eleven men, could see. They saw die on the cross, the one whose body was wrapped in burial clothes and placed in a tomb. Jesus knew that they were going to need to see him… face-to-face… so they would know that everything he had told them was the truth and that the power he exhibited and had was real and it was now a power that they could utilize to continue the ministry.

So Jesus did that. He went down, cooked some fish, ate some bread, convinced the doubters and after all the eleven men were satisfied, he rose and went up to heaven.

Well, up in heaven an angel just happened to stop him… this angel knew how important the work of God was through Jesus and he said to him… ”Are you telling me that after three years, you are leaving the Kingdom of God in the hands of just 11 men?”  “11 men Lord?”

Jesus knew these men. He knew what they could do and he knew that they would be unified to bring about the Kingdom of God in a powerful, but loving way… and thousands would be added to the church daily. So, he looked at the angel and calmly said, “Yes”.

So now, June 7, 2016 we had an election and Republicans have a funny way of unifying. Instead of getting behind 1-2 candidates for the U.S. Senate, we had 12 candidates. These are individuals that have been successful their whole lives, capitalists, lovers of the Constitution. Also, they had an understanding for their business to thrive and succeed, they must stick with the vision and mission of the corporation. They are smart… shrewd… decisive… and now… even though they would never stray from their corporate vision, became betrayers of the people of California and in a nutshell, politically became…


They said to themselves, “Let’s allow our pride, just like Judas, and let’s throw our hat in the ring for a few months of ego building and throw the mission and vision of American traditions and family values out the window… let’s go against one another and confuse the people so much on who to vote for that we hand the election to those who oppose the founding fathers principles… Let’s take away the votes that would give us the victory!”

I wonder how they feel today?

How do you feel garnering a measly 50,000 votes so you can have your moment in the California sun, enjoying the California wine, and breathing in the California salt air… all in the while… taking it away from a man who would do what needed to be done?

How do you feel today over your morning coffee and bagel?

Republicans need to take notice. Whether you will agree with the principles of the Kingdom of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, or not, Jesus understood at the end of his ministry about unity for a common cause, a denial of self for the sake of the foundational principles. He knew what had to be done for the sake of the Kingdom and these 11 men stayed with his teachings and built up the Kingdom.

I think our forefathers, the writers of our Constitution and principles, would be disappointed that smart, intelligent individuals would allow ego to get in the way of the lives of millions of Californians. It is truly a time to rethink and re-unite.

Maybe 10 of those U.S. Senate candidates can learn from those 11 Apostles.

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