God sent the shooter?

The Westboro Baptist loons are at it again and AGAIN I say, they don’t worship the God I know and worship. They worship the god we all know as the Devil.

These people (and I hate to give them any electron time) do not represent mainstream Christianity in any way, shape, manner, or form.

Inquisitr reports, one of:

…the largest mass shootings in the history of the United States took place this past weekend, and it is now known that gunman [name omitted] is responsible for at least 49 deaths and some 53 others wounded at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. As the world sympathizes with the victims and mourns this tragic situation while trying to fully understand it, there is one group that isn’t as upset about it. The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has taken to social media to celebrate the shooting and say that “God sent the shooter.”

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