George Takei wants my gun? COME AND GET IT BITCH!!!

Gun, Citizen, Flag
Gun, Citizen, Flag

In the 1970’s, the Israeli Mossad recruited assassins to kill those responsible for the Olympic massacre in Munich Germany. The men hired for the task believed it was their duty to eradicate evil from the face of the earth. They carried out their assignment with no remorse. I can begin to understand why those Israeli agents felt the way they did because the Orlando massacre brought Islamic Jihad very close to home.

Over the past couple of weeks, left-wing pastors or ministers charged with spreading gospel of Christ to my community became complicit in deflecting the actual cause of the massacre. Focusing their arguments against gun ownership to the point of hurling biblical verses to advance their anti-gun narrative. Actually reminiscent of the anti-gay preachers.

Yet these same leftist ministers were doing the very thing they accuse right-wing minister of doing, spreading hate. In this case hatred towards those who advocate the second amendment within the gay community. Bringing the false message of more gun control can make LGBT’s defenseless in the age of Islamic Jihad.

Also, they place emphasis on the grace and mercy of Christ saying we must love and pray for our enemies. A valid point. However, they will not admit that same grace and mercy extends to defending innocents from evil’s destruction. Even to the point of taking human life. Otherwise the world we live in would have been taken over by tyrants in mid-twentieth century.

The call for more gun control or confiscation is as loud as a pack of howling coyotes. No offense meant to the coyotes because there are times I have more respect for our four-legged friends in the wild than some left-wing nut. Please keep in mind, I’m an honest sinner.

Their motivation in calling for more gun control, however, is lacking because they know it’s a losing battle. Congressional Democrats staged a sit-in this past week as a form of grandstanding. Some members said they would stay there in protest until “hell freezes over.” To a liberal progressive, hell froze over rather quickly. The sit-in lasted less than 30 hours. In spite of the fact they had catered meals brought in at taxpayers’ expense. A bigger hypocrisy became evident when is was revealed that 26 of those congressional Democrats own guns… with some having conceal carry permits. OH, THE IRONY!!!

Recently several young boys, millennials in their twenties mostly from the south, I became acquainted with via gay Christian gatherings, communicated their intention to apply for concealed carry permits. These are sweet young boys who are already married and I grew to adore them as my own sons. I wish there was joy in my heart for their decision, but not really. The Orlando massacre killed whatever innocence was left of these kids. They knew it was time to grow up and face the harsh reality of the fallen world.

My compliments to the LGBT gun rights group, Pink Pistols. They managed to absorb the six-fold increase in membership. Gays are coming out to shooting ranges and defying stereotypes along the way. It’s become necessary to buy a gun and stay in practice. The second amendment has become a lot less abstract and much more real.

After the Orlando massacre, actor George Takei gave a stern warning to the NRA. When he played Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek TOS, I knew he was purely acting. Sulu was an experienced combat officer with a head on his shoulders who went on to command the USS Excelsior. Essentially Captain Sulu is no wimp. Takei, along with The Human Rights Campaign Fund a gay leftist organization funded by large corporate interests, want to take away our right to bear arms. Even to the point of denying the same due process that was refused to gays and prevented us from having our marriages legally recognized.

I have one message for George… COME AND GET IT BITCH!!!

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D. Diaz is a gay, devoutly Christian conservative living in the liberal cesspool known as Southern California. He grew up in Los Angeles at a time when parents taught their kids old fashioned values and loving thy neighbor as thyself actually meant something. That LA has been destroyed for the most part. On November 4th, 1980, at the age of 18, he voted for the first time. His ballot was cast for Ronald Reagan and never regretted it. Born to a legal Mexican immigrant mother and an American father who served in the Korean war of the early 1950’s. Life had its challenges, however, he eventually learned that anything that doesn’t kill you, makes you into a better person.