First it was Bush. Now it’s Christians!

Ever notice how Mr. Obama is never at fault for anything bad. He has blamed everything on President Bush… the economy, the wars, the unemployment, the common cold and then deflects responsibility to Republicans for the remaining ills of society. Then it was guns, not the killers. And now he’s blaming the Christians for shootings carried out by Muslims.

There is a lot of talk from the mainstream media and it’s all over social media about how Christians and their beliefs are the cause for the Orlando shootings and the increased crimes against the LGBTQ community. President Obama has said nothing to rebut it, so he must condone or agree with it.

In the past he’s spoken out on many issues he had no business being part of, starting way back at the “Beer Summit” between the Boston professor and Cambridge police officer. Why? Because the professor was black and the cop was white. When a neighbor called the police because it looked like someone was breaking into the house, the police showed up and did not believe at first that the professor lived there. Of course this was BIG news because it had to be racism. When did any other president get involved in this kind of local issue?

Then there was the Michael Brown issue. A known thug and local problem, shot by a white cop after engaging in criminal activity and after trying to take the officer’s gun. Again, Mr. Obama sticks his nose in blames “racist” police departments and officers across the country for actions like that. And then the ensuing “hands up don’t shoot” rally cry was born and ultimately found to be a lie. Of course, the president said nothing publicly to correct the misinformation. And those are just the tip of the iceberg!

He speaks out on a regular basis about how we shouldn’t blame Islam for the bad actions of a few nuts who happen to be Muslims. He almost gets rabid about it. Does it hit close to home? Does he really hate when people attack those who practice their religion? Or just the Muslim religion?

I’ve never seen him take the same attitude towards the nasties aimed at Christians. Or aimed at Americans. Never!

His anger finally showed this week when he tore into Donald Trump for wanting to stop letting unvetted Muslim refugees in to our country. He called it un-American and wrong. He was more aggravated at Trump than he has been over the killing of Americans… Send me a clip of him being mad at a Muslim killer! You can’t. Because you can’t find it!

He has no problem making excuses for criminals, radical Islamists, and others but not for law-abiding American citizens.

What I am saying here is… he has a pen, a phone, and a mouth and he has not been afraid to use them on issues he feels are important to him. He blames Americans for the violence in the Middle East carried out by Muslims. Why? Because we won’t close GTMO. To my recollection, we have had GTMO open as a Navel Base for a long time. We never had Muslim detainees there before 9/11. So exactly how did having GTMO open create the hate for us? Does he make this stuff up as he goes? If it pops into his head it must be true and right?

He refers to ISIS as ISIL. Isn’t it interesting that he calls them a term THEY want to be called? But he won’t call them ISIS as everyone else does. Is he giving them credibility by calling them what they want to be called? Just a side thought.

In his early days he talked about the prior administration, how bad they left things, and everything he had to fix. I guess we’re reading from a different book. The economy is still a mess and he will end his presidency as the only president to have never had one quarter with 3.0 GDP growth. More Americans stopped looking for work because there ain’t none. As percentages go, we have the highest U6 number from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) since WWII.

More people are living in poverty now than when he took office, with some of the highest unemployment rates among blacks in modern history, and one of the most scandal-ridden administrations in modern history. BUT, as he likes to say, it’s all Bush’s fault… STILL! Except that Osama Bin Laden killing. He did that. Even though it started under Bush. And because Mr. Obama’s White House has tied military hands and micromanages their every move, they had to wait on him for the order to go in. I just wish he’d been as fast with Benghazi.

President Obama misses no chance to remind Christians that their past hasn’t been too bright either. That whole “Crusades thing and all. HEY MR. O! Muslims had the first Crusades. You might want to take a history class.

He talks about Christians needing to live in peace with others. That’s great. But you can’t do that when the others around you won’t live in peace with you. Have you seen what they are doing to Christians overseas?

How about this? How about you repent? Show the same hate and anger for the “Islamic Extremist” that want to kill Americans as you did for Trump. How about requiring a solid background check process like you want for guns on the refugees?
How about you just stand up for America and Americans before you let others in? Just sayin’!

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