BLM says ALL lives don’t matter!

I guess all lives DON’T matter. Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders feel too much attention is being given to Orlando killings!

A peace vigil held in remembrance of the victims of the Orlando terror attack at the University of Missouri was completely derailed after one of the speakers began denouncing white attendees and an angry white couple began shouting back.

College Fix was on the scene and got it all on camera “I was really nervous to get up here because there’s a lot of white people in the crowd,” an activist said. “That wasn’t a joke,” she added after a few nervous chuckles.

She continued to complain that the large group of white people who had come out for the peace vigil never came out to support Black Lives Matter protests. “As much as it’s awesome that so many of you are here today, it’s like, who are you really here for?” she asked.

Read more at: NoWhiteAttendees via Mediaite


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