What could go wrong when teen boys with raging hormones are allowed into the girls locker room?

Locker Room
Locker Room

by Ben Bowles at LibertyUnyielding:

It’s hard to say what single element in the Obama administration’s multi-lingual one-size-fits-all letter to public school across the country is the most outrageous. Maybe it’s the disconnect between the opening sentence, which emphasizes efforts by schools “to create and sustain … safe” environments for students, and the overarching purpose of the letter: to put schools on notice that student safety has been trumped by political correctness.

As noted previously, the letter decrees that public schools will henceforth allow students to use the bathroom and changing facility of their choice or face a federal lawsuit. The administration’s justification for this ham-handed attempt to bully schools into accepting the prior rights of the transgendered over the non-transgendered is Title IX. As noted in the administration’s memo, this law “prohibit[s] sex discrimination in educational programs and activities operated by recipients of Federal financial assistance.”

For a moment let’s ignore the unsettled science of whether people who believe they were born into the wrong body are mentally sound and focus on an indisputable reality. That is that this decree will inevitably lead to invasions of privacy and worse. The movie “Porky’s,” which depicts the shenanigans of high school-age males with overactive libidos, including spying through peepholes into the girls locker room, was successful enough to generate three sequels. The popularity of the films resided in their capacity to resonate with former teenagers everywhere.

The administration’s decree obviates the need for peepholes. All a teen needs now is present a declaration by a parent or guardian stating his new gender identity. Since forging a note from home is as old as Sahara, parents of daughters can look forward to reports of drooling teen males entering their locker room.

But not all of the potential harm of this law comes from looking. There is likely to be unwanted touching as well. In March the Associated Press (via Fox News) reported on the alleged rape of a 16-year-old female by two 14-year-old boys in their school’s field house. Rape is, of course, a crime of violence, not passion. But in today’s campus rape climate — another product of the liberal mind — it’s not hard to imagine advances by one teen on another leading to unintended consequences now that the administration has flung wide the doors to the locker room and bathroom.

Originally published on LibertyUnyielding. Reprinted with permission via LibertyAlliance.

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