Was this TOO edgy for high school theater?

Youth, Young People
Youth, Young People

When your kid comes home and tells you he’s landed a part in the school play entitled “Holy Day” it’s unlikely it would give you pause… but it should. There are just some things you NEVER expect to see in a high school play. High school plays are supposed to be family friendly. You know, so your little brother and sister can watch too. Not this one! After reading this, you won’t wait until opening night to take a look at your child’s script and visit a few rehearsals!

Todd Starnes reports that Houston’s Carnegie Vanguard High School‘s little one-act play offered more than most parents bargained for:

male-on-male rape, male-on-female rape, filthy language, on-stage urination

a scene where a male cast member turned his back to the audience and dropped his pants, as fellow cast members deliver dialogue about the size of his appendage

a young lady to portray wiping her vagina after having sex behind a prop on stage

Of course, those very progressive parents and school administrators just can’t figure out what all the hubbub is about.

The district released a statement defending the theatrical production – noting they are “extremely proud” and they stand by the students “100 percent.”

“The script has been thoughtfully modified to be appropriate for a broad, young-adult audience. Carnegie students have treated the script’s mature subject matter with admirable sensitivity, skill and professionalism.”

After all, it’s just “artistic expression” and art is supposed to stir “strong emotions” and cause people to “question” and “think.” It definitely did that! More parents than not are “angry,” “questioning where common sense has gone,” and “thinking the school administrators have lost their collective minds” allowing kids to perform a play with this content!

Parents, it’s time to WAKE UP! Just because your child is in high school does not mean it’s time to disengage from their day-to-day school activities. Gone are the days when we can trust every teacher to exhibit good judgement and impart common values to our child. That job lands squarely on YOUR shoulders! Ask questions… LOTS of questions… sooner rather than later.

There’s an endless supply of theater choices the administration could have selected, yet they chose THIS one. The one with content that should have easily been predicted to raise concerns with at least some of the parents. That’s what they chose, knowing full well that it would be objectionable to some.

Since when do school personnel get to decide when to expose our children to such content? Sure. Our kids are exposed to a lot these days between TV, movies, and just being on school campus, they’ve seen more than most of us can imagine. But that doesn’t give school administrators a license to expose them to more! There is a line that should not be crossed… they crossed it. Why? Because no one has said anything in the past. Let’s hope this incident changes that going forward.

One concerned and reasonable parental voice can turn the tide for many. Be THAT voice!

H/T Todd Starnes at FoxNews

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