The larger government grows, the more divisions…

Aminoff Effect, Tom Del Beccaro, video still
Aminoff Effect, Tom Del Beccaro, video still

“The larger government grows, the more divisions we have.” ~ Tom Del Beccaro, candidate for U.S. Senate in California.

Listen to Tom explain the problems with Big Government and some solutions to correct them.

It’s imperative we keep the U.S. Senate a Republican majority. YOU can help, no matter where you live!

There are 2 U.S. Senators from every state. California hasn’t had a Republican Senators in FOREVER! It doesn’t matter what state you live in, you can help support the Republican frontrunner in CA. Share this video. Send a donation of ANY size. Follow him on Twitter/Facebook and share his posts. Print out flyers to share with coworkers or friends at an upcoming meeting.


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