The Citadel is under attack from the PC crowd again… this time threatening ROTC!

Confederate Flag
Confederate Flag

Once again, the Confederate States Army Flag has become a hot button issue. As a native of upstate New York, I must admit that I was a little amazed at the popularity of the Confederate flag when I moved south, in August 1988, in order to attend The Citadel. The first time I marched into the football stadium and I saw the top of the stadium decorated round about with the flag, it seemed as if we had gone back in time. When we scored a touchdown, we would sing “Dixie” and the canons would usher forth their congratulatory roars. Understandably, it was a little odd for a Yankee from NY.

Nonetheless, it never really bothered me. After all, we won the war. Yet, as the years went on, I watched as the PC police intimidated the leadership of The Citadel. First, the flags came down off the top of the stadium, but they could still be carried into the stands and waved by cadets.

Then, the flag could no longer be waved by cadets, but we could still play “Dixie” when we scored a touchdown. Then, we could no longer sing “Dixie” during the games, but it could still be played, no singing allowed, during certain parade ceremonies.

Then, we were told “Dixie” could no longer be played at parades, but only on special occasions designated by the President. During that time, I remember an occasion when the band broke into an “unauthorized” rendition of the song, and it gave the great feeling that we were “sticking it” to the PC-man.

Now that the Confederate States Army Flag and “Dixie” are all but gone, that’s still not enough. The Citadel is being challenged again to take the flag down from the inside of the chapel or face the loss of federal funding for the ROTC program – at least that’s the request from US Rep. Jim Clyburn (Dem). In a statement Clyburn said:

“The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of hate, repression, and resistance to the rule of law. It should only be displayed in a museum. Americans’ tax dollars should not be directed to institutions where it is flown, regardless of whether the decision to fly it is done under the color of state law.”

Amazingly, the people who fought the war didn’t even feel this strongly about the flag issue. Go ahead and google “50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.” You’ll notice that the Confederate survivors were carrying their flags and wearing attire akin to their uniforms. In our society, that would never be tolerated – we’re way too emotionally sensitive and intellectually immature for such a reunion to take place. After all, we have government officials who act like they have PTSD from a war that was fought 150 years ago…

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