SJW learned the hard way… in real life… there are NO safe spaces

SJW learned the hard way, in real life...there are NO safe spaces, video still
SJW learned the hard way, in real life...there are NO safe spaces, video still

Most everyone wants to know what the future looks like. Well folks, here it is. A glimpse of things to come. This is what we have to look forward to if we don’t get this politically correct, triggered, microaggression, safe space generation under control and assimilated into the “real world”… STAT!

At UMass Amherst, at a recent event known as “The Triggering,” conservative speakers and activists came face-to-face with Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s), one in particular, and let’s just say, they didn’t see eye-to-eye! In true SJW fashion, she interrupted the speakers and screamed obscenities at them while they attempted to deliver their presentations on political correctness. It was supposed to be a panel discussion, not a free-for-all from the audience. Attendance was voluntary, so the audience members could have left at any time. But then, how would they have gotten their message across?

Their message was heard loud and clear, as the videos of her “behavior” went viral. You’d think the SJW would have been delighted. But no. Her message was not well-received. Now she feels like a fool. Now she wants an apology from the student journalist covering the event.

So let’s see if I’ve got this straight… it’s fine for her to scream obscenities at a speaker while attending a voluntary public event, but it’s bullying for a journalist to report on it?

Now another SJW is “demanding” the article and accompanying video be removed from the internet calling it “cyber-bullying.” (Those SJW’s have to stick together!)

You can read her demand letter at BuzzPo. But here’s the closing kicker:

While I understand and respect the right to free speech as protected by the United States Constitution and the free expression policies throughout the Five Colleges, the action taken by Kassy Dillon is harassment, humiliation, cyberbullying, libel, and demonstrates disregard for another human being who just happened to have opinions that were unpopular in that room.

Hmmm… wouldn’t that also apply to the way that SJW treated the conservative speakers in the room. Hypocrisy much?

We have failed as a society when our 1st Amendment is put in this much jeopardy by millennial crybabies embarrassed by their own sanctimonious actions! I certainly hope the school backs the student journalist, and that the student holds to her principles. Truth is truth. The initial report was factual, not mocking or satirical. It coincided with the eyewitness video account. There’s no reason to remove it or to apologize for reporting someone else’s bad behavior.

This SJW learned the hard way… in real life… there are NO safe spaces and the 1st Amendment applies to everyone, even those you vehemently believe to be wrong. Get over it.

Liberal colleges are churning out an entire generation of these SJW’s. These people are now young adults. They are the up-and-coming lawyers, legislators, and judges. How do you think that’s going to work out for us if we don’t do something about it?

It’s never too late. Time to turn that political correctness on it’s ear. Exposing the truth the way CampusReform student journalist Kassy Dillon did is exactly how we fix the problem. Way to go Kassy! Keep up the good work.

H/T BuzzPo

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