Rising threat: America’s Latinos converting to Islam

Puerto Rico, Mosques, Muslim
Puerto Rico, Mosques, Muslim

I’ve written two articles about the alarming number of Latinos converting to Islam and also a third related story about the devious ways Turkey and Saudi Arabia are influencing converts, not only in America, but in Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Latin and South American countries.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been following ongoing reports about Latino converts making a monthly ‘pilgrimage’ across the border to Mexico. Latino converts have been doing this monthly trip for almost two years–about the same time ISIS began their worldwide recruitment program.

From California, large groups of Latino Muslim converts have been making this monthly trip to Mexico from San Diego, Los Angeles, and various other cities throughout California, including from as far north as San Francisco—that’s a long trip—most especially considering they do it every month. Allegedly, these Latinos are visiting mosques to help learn about Islam and also to spread Islam. That’s what CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood organization claims they are doing, but I have serious doubts as to their true purpose of why these Muslim are going to Mexico every month.

California has over 300 mosques and Islamic Centers, some which are run by well-known imams who speak at major Islamic conventions nation-wide as guest speakers and activists. California also has two Shura Councils, one in Northern and one in Southern California. Shura Councils are Islamic Courtrooms where Muslims go to settle legal disputes, discuss divorce, child custody, women’s rights, and all other legal matters according to Islamic Law — in other words, California Muslims are NOT following American laws or using the American court or legal system, but are instead living by Islamic Law.

But it’s not just Latino Muslims in California who are going to Mexico on monthly visits. Latino converts in Texas are doing the same. There are at least 170 mosques and Islamic Centers in Texas and Texas also houses a Shura Council in Watauga, just outside of Fort Worth. In other words, these Muslims in California and Texas are very dedicated to Islam. And the most important doctrines in Islam is the doctrine of Islamic Supremacy and of using jihad to spread Islamic Rule throughout the world.

It’s been reported that ISIS has training camps in Mexico, one is about eight miles from the U.S. border near El Paso, Texas. This border area is said to not only be transporting terrorists, but is affiliated with large-scale drug smuggling. Railways and airport facilities near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, not far from El Paso, are also being exploited by ISIS. (1)

I have concerns about Muslim groups going to Mexico every month, primarily because I don’t trust CAIR. When CAIR promotes an activity as strongly as they have been regarding visits to Mexico, it can’t be good. CAIR is extremely devious.

African Americans and Latinos are the fastest growing converts to Islam in America. Mosques and Islamic Centers throughout America all have “prison programs” in which mosque members and imams go to prisons and target violent criminals for conversion to Islam. In my opinion, this is akin to creating a “ready-made” army of sorts.

The Omar Mosque, also known as the Islamic Center of Baja, opened in 2012. It is the largest mosque in Northern Mexico. The growth in the Muslim population around the mosque grew rapidly soon after the mosque was built. CAIR also reports that American Latino visitors also spend time in nearby cities, providing Mexicans with Spanish Qurans and other Islamic Literature – which are printed by another Muslim Brotherhood organization, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). (2)

But it’s not just California and Texas that have an enormous rise in dedicated Latino converts to Islam. The American Muslim Association of North America (based in Florida) says Florida is home to one of the largest numbers of Muslim converts in America and that those numbers are further escalating at a rapid pace — thanks to conversion programs promoted in mosques. Mosques throughout Florida send their members to Hispanic neighborhoods and prisons to promote Da’wa (conversions to Islam). Florida has around 120 mosques and growing, and the numbers of converts to Islam around these mosques is growing at a frightening pace.

Humberto Cardenas was recently reported by CAIR as saying he spends two to three days a week at the Omar mosque in Mexico. Cardenas is quoted as saying: “I immigrated to the U.S. in 1988 and lived there until 2013. I was deported in 2013. Before I was deported, I was in prison, and that’s where I found Islam.” (3)(4)

Because of what I witnessed in Egypt, I am concerned about the connection with Mexico and Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as CAIR and ISNA. I am also concerned about the ISIS and the drug cartel connections. In Egypt, when the Muslim Brotherhood took power, they initiated an enormous influx of illegal drugs into Egypt via al-Qaeda drug running cartels in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda affiliates in central and western African countries who received drugs from Latin America.

This massive illegal drug activity was done purposefully so that Egyptians would be too busy with their addiction and the various financial problems drug addiction triggers to have the ability to participate in any kind of resistance to Muslim Brotherhood rule. Many poor villages throughout Egypt’s countryside were targeted so that addicted villagers would readily accept money in exchange for promoting Muslim Brotherhood activities. Muslim Brotherhood members could also be found handing out free drug samples in various communities in Cairo and Alexandria for several weeks at a time.

I fear a combination of things:

(1) the buildup of violent ex-cons who have converted to Islam;
(2) Islamic Literature translated into Spanish that focuses on violence that is based on Islamic Supremacy and jihad to spread Islamic Rule throughout the world;
(3) Mexico has ISIS cells and training camps (of which these monthly visits might be affiliated with); and,
(4) the involvement of drug cartels to further the complacency of certain groups of Americans, to nullify their ability to participate in the political process in an informed and valuable way.

I also worry about the November election. Powerful Muslim groups in America are Democrat and can easily sway the newly converted or various marginalized groups that they target (the poor, the homeless) into voting Democrat.


Most all mosques in America have programs that promote conversions to Islam in poor neighborhoods, prisons, and also, many mosque communities target women at homeless shelters or battered wife facilities. At first you may think these mosques are helping the poor, the homeless, the battered, but on closer look, when you follow the progress of these programs, you see that poorer neighborhoods and homeless shelters are being targeted because they are the most vulnerable sectors of our society and are more easily converted to Islam.

Racial division is also very important to CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood groups. Many of the Muslim Brotherhood social media sites not only support Black Lives Matter, but they create special events for Black Lives Matter in coordination with Muslim events. http://www.cheriberens.net/what-is-the-muslim-brotherhood-doing-in-your-state.html

In November 2015, Turkish President Erdogan went to Cuba and announced the construction of a Mega Mosque in Cuba. Also in November, Erdogan told a conference of Muslim leaders from Latin America that Muslims had reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus and that Cuba rightly belongs to Islam (according to Islamic Doctrine, when Muslims step foot on foreign land, that land becomes Islamic land forever). The fact that Erdogan is saying Muslims discovered the Americas, has very serious implications for the future.

Erdogan told reporters that the Cuban government had given Saudi Arabia permission to build a Mega Mosque in Havana and that Turkey planned to build mosques in various locations throughout Cuba. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia see the rapidly growing Muslim population in Cuba as an opportunity to expand that growth even further, but also to spread their form of ideology, Wahhabi, which is based on Islamic Supremacy and jihad to spread Islamic Rule throughout the world.

Saudi Arabia spends around 5 billion dollars per year on the spread of Wahhabism, and ever since Erdogan became president of Turkey, Turkey has followed in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia by spending billions to spread the same violent ideology. http://www.cheriberens.net/what-do-puerto-rico-cuba-and-florida-all-have-in-common.html

By most official calculations, Latinos are considered to be the fastest-growing demographic in America. Added to that growth in population, Latinos have also become the fastest-growing group converting to Islam. African Americans used to be the fastest growing Muslim converts, and they continue to convert in very large numbers (primarily in prisons), but Latinos have now surpassed African American conversions to Islam. http://www.ibtimes.com/muslims-america-more-latinos-converting-islam-us-population-grows-report-claims-2242465

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Originally published at CheriBerens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.