At a local prayer breakfast, I was not personally in attendance, a conservative friend brought to my attention protestors were demonstrating against the “hate hiding behind the prayers”. The breakfast itself is privately-sponsored where people of like-minded faith gather to offer prayers of personal guidance and ask for blessings on their communities including our great nation. However, it did not stop some people from protesting outside the building where the event was held and label it as a gathering of hate. Since there were no spiteful prayers against anyone; protesters will accuse participants of “praying in code”. Yes, ridiculous because we as Christians or any person of faith knows better.

In spite of the social/legal advances LGBT’s have achieved, some still feel the need to protest or should I say harass any gathering of people they disagree with. If spiteful prayers were directed towards the LGBT population, it’s irrelevant. Many like myself feel we’re beyond the point of no return and will not allow ourselves to be pushed back into the closet. However, were such a group of demonstrators to feel a strong disagreement with those inside at the prayer breakfast; perhaps it would be better to have recited from a book of common prayers on the sidewalk or sing “Power of His Love”. You can buy a book of common prayer on Amazon, cheap. A demonstration of prayer could have captured the attention of those at the breakfast. Perhaps an event organizer would have invited them inside.

Being a gay man of devout Christian faith; I’m well aware of the fact there will always be disagreements with some of my fellow Christians. If any of those protestors profess the gospel of Jesus Christ as their own, militant protest will only be counterproductive. We are supposed to spread the gospel of the Lord almighty, that’s one heck of a way to go about it. Christians will always have disagreements amongst themselves on a variety of subjects, however, the ability to rise above the fodder is a sign of mental and spiritual maturity. Our society has degraded so much, people would rather cling to their personal misery rather than let go and embrace Christ or any notion of a higher power. The actual hate is outside on the sidewalk in the form of self-loathing, not inside where prayers are being lifted up with an attitude of humility.

Historical facts & Opinion:

  1. Colonial American Christians often gathered in front of slave ships with prayers and singing gospel hymns of their time as a form of protesting the immorality of owning other human beings.
  2. Harvey Milk started a movement in the late 1970s where people like myself came out to our families, churches, and workplaces. OP: That has done more to improve the plight of the LGBT population in this country than all the social and political activism, including hundreds of angry protests combine.

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