Portland public schools ban books denying Climate Change

Beware of the Book, Book Bans
Beware of the Book, Book Bans

Sometimes parents question novels that teachers have students read in class. Usually these parents are called Hitler and accused of wanting to ban or burn books.  However if you’re a district person or a school board, you can ban important curriculum without too much push-back at all.

Oregon approved the new Franken-science that is Common Core aligned a couple years ago, after much objection from certain parents who were actually paying attention to what was happening. The new standards definitely push man’s role as being the driving force behind climate change. It also pretty much scares the devil out of kids, making them believe that the planet will spontaneously combust one day because they once used hairspray. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we all know that climate change champions like to use fear to gain control over people.

The Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution this week that bans textbooks and other teaching materials that deny climate change exists or cast doubt on whether humans are to blame.

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