Now they’re banning hugging in elementary schools… because personal space matters!

Kids Hugging
Kids Hugging

Here we go folks. Now they’re banning hugging in elementary schools, because personal space matters! The Geelong Advertiser reports:

HUGGING has been banned at a Geelong primary school with children told to find other ways to show affection.

“…in this current day and age we are really conscious about protecting kids and teaching them from a young age that you have to be cautious,” Mr Grant said.

How about we just teach kids how to respectfully communicate with each other?

Like… hey, I don’t want a hug… or I’m not really a huggy person… or no thanks.


Ok, so now they’re supposed to show “affection” with a knuckle-bump. But in 20 years, they’ll be banning that too because it’s showing too much affection. You know… PROGRESS!

Photo credit Taryn Anderson


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