New London Mayor warns The Donald to do what Muslims want, OR ELSE!

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor
Sadiq Khan, London Mayor

The newly elected Mayor of London, who just happens to be the first Muslim elected to that position, is apparently suggesting that Donald Trump dial back his comments about and possible policy changes affecting Muslim immigrants/refugees. Why? Because it will only make them launch attacks against America.

So we’re supposed to just let the people (who we’re concerned may be a national security threat) into the country to prevent a national security threat? Sounds like it’s a problem either way. I vote we halt the influx until we can sort this whole thing out. It’s easier to protect our borders when the suspected threat is on the outside rather than inside.

YoungConservatives reports:

Now, he is making a strange threat to Donald Trump while claiming — and basically justifying — that Muslims will attack America if Trump doesn’t let them in.

This is backwards for a couple reasons.

#1: It isn’t really a good look to be issuing threats or “warnings” to the United States immediately after getting the job as mayor of London.  Maybe worry about your own country that is falling apart at the seams.  Literally.

#2: The logic makes no sense.  He is basically saying that if you don’t do what Muslims want then they will attack your country and murder people.

So much for that whole religion of peace thing huh?

H/T YoungConservatives

Photo credit Sadiq Khan


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