Millennials. Coming soon to a workplace near you. Get a “safe space” ready.

Safe Space, University, College
Safe Space, University, College

Remember when colleges and universities shaped young minds and prepared them to enter the workplace equipped to grow into our next great leaders? Not so much anymore. Now colleges seem to be a breeding ground for liberal safe spaces, group think, and indoctrination.

Social justice is the over-arching theme and it obliterates civil discourse. From the looks of it, the 1st Amendment still exists on college campuses, it won’t for long.

Take for instance the recent case of a Southern Oregon University (SOU) student, Chase Gildea, who was forced to suspend his student government campaign for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns. (Did you even know those existed?!) Instead of letting the democratic process play out and allow the voters to decide, the school shut down his campaign “to investigate” the claims.

CampusReform reported the following from the investigative hearing:

On several occasions throughout the hearing, Gildea was questioned on whether or not he has changed his views since making the posts and asked if he would support gender-neutral bathrooms if elected to office.

“We keep talking about change, so I want to ask you, Chase, if your views have changed since 2014 and how you plan to represent your constituents,” one member of the elections committee commented during the hearing.

“My views are my views,” Gildea replied.

Another member of the committee then accused Gildea of “not having the proper education,” saying his posts were a result of ignorance rather than well-founded opinions.

The chief justice of SOU’s student government then blatantly asked Gildea if he would “feel comfortable supporting something such as a gender-neutral bathrooms,” later asserting that Gildea “should also respect pronouns.”

Ultimately, Gildea was suspended from campaigning for one-day during the election week after a vote to suspend him for two days failed to pass.

Take note people, if you don’t comply with the ruling class, you will be shackled! And that one-day campaign suspension wasn’t all they imposed on him:

In addition to the one-day suspension, the elections committee requested that Gildea visit SOU’s Queer and Women’s Resource Center and required him, if elected, to make regular visits, even asking for written confirmation from faculty advisors to the center.

Group-think re-education camps were also mandated, should he be elected. If you think this type of thought process will not translate into the next generation of legislators, judges, and business owners… THINK AGAIN!

“Keep in mind I don’t know exactly what Chase said… but pronouns are a way to really recognize someone and to not do misgendering,” said Coordinator of the Queer Resource Center, Thomas Arce. “[It’s a way to] say don’t look at me for how my gender expression is, I’m going to tell you what my pronouns are and that’s how I want to be known. [At SOU] it has really helped students feel affirming.” [emphasis added]

This is common practice on our college campuses today. The vernacular is being redefined daily. Even if you want to keep up, it’s almost impossible because it’s changing so quickly, and there are unlimited variations!

What isn’t being taught in our institutions of higher learning is a respect for each other’s differences of opinion. Disagreements are not a crime worthy of punishment or re-education. And there is no guarantee that you won’t be offended, so get over yourself!

Millennials. Coming soon to a workplace near you. Get ready. They will tell you what they are and how to speak to them. And if you offend them, you’re probably going to need to give them a “safe space”… and I doubt the unemployment line will be an option because they will all be in a “protected class”!

H/T CampusReform

Cartoon by AF Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

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