Liberal SJW suggests targeting religious college students for reprogramming!

Virtual Reality Headset, Samsung
Virtual Reality Headset, Samsung

CampusReform reports:

A new study claims that highly religious college students would be particularly easy to recruit as social justice warriors, arguing for “educational” programs to promote their conversion to the cause.

“The prevalence of social justice in academia has highlighted the notion that in order to progress social justice within all fields, it is imperative that college students develop social justice orientations,” writes Marina Khan, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, in a study published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. “Despite this, college students continue to misunderstand or overlook social justice, and the manner in which it relates to them and their surroundings.”

Hoping to glean insights that might suggest new strategies for overcoming students’ stubborn resistance to her preferred ideology, Khan conducted a survey of 126 undergraduates at Houston Baptist University to test various hypotheses regarding the correlation between religiosity and support for social justice issues.

Although she was unable to demonstrate a significant relationship between a person’s anxiety level and their support for social justice, as she had hoped, Khan did conclude that students with higher “intrinsic religiosity” (meaning they “live” their religion) are more likely to support social justice.

So let’s just boil this down… She was hoping to prove an association between “trait anxiety” (inherent fears and phobias) and resistance to accepting the social justice agenda. That didn’t work out so well. No correlation. (Hey, we keep telling them it isn’t a matter of fear!)

But she did manage to draw a correlation between religious persons and social justice leanings. And even went so far as to say that students with religious backgrounds should be the focus for social justice indoctrination (because that’s a college priority now?!) Unfortunately for her, the correlation is pretty much demolished by the fact that deeply help religious views are usually polar opposite to social justice agendas (usually LGBT).

Just because someone is empathetic to a cause, doesn’t mean they agree with it. And, oh by the way… contrary to popular belief (misconception), most religious people believe in the concept of freedom (free will) and won’t try to force you to believe like they do.

Unlike this Liberal Social Justice Warrior who wants to target young people for reprogramming!

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