It was terrorism. The target was Egypt. And it was personal.

Egypt Airplane Crash Flight Path
Egypt Airplane Crash Flight Path

My opinion on the EgyptAir crash. It was terrorism. The target was Egypt. And it was personal. When the Islamists lost Egypt, their world goal was undermined and temporarily hindered.

This hit on EgyptAir is retaliation.

ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood work together in Egypt and elsewhere. The Muslim Brotherhood are well established in more than 80 countries and have strong ties with ISIS.

The Muslim Brotherhood created ISIS in the Sinai

Starting a couple of weeks ago, on May 8th, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) announced retaliation for taking them out in 2013. This month marks the third anniversary of the grassroots campaign that removed them from power. They love “anniversaries” and have conducted violence on this anniversary for three years in a row.

Starting May 8th, MB “retaliation” began with the massacre of eight policemen. Since that day they’ve started massive fires in highly populated civilian areas, and in industrial and government buildings.

Since the takedown of the MB, Obama severed relationships with Egypt, and this is why you’ve heard very little truth about Egypt. Since the removal of the MB in Egypt, lies and propaganda have been told, by the very same Islamist groups that spread propaganda about Syria. They call Egypt a “regime state” (untrue—the army consists of people from all walks of life, from rich to poor, and every family in Egypt has a family member in the army).

Propaganda media says that there are horrific human rights violations (untrue—they state this to make you believe MB are being persecuted and that they should be allowed a second chance).

The truth is that the Egyptian people formed an organized grassroots campaign in which they followed UN guidelines. They gathered over 30 million signatures demanding a new presidential election. It was not a “regime” coup. There is no regime.

Most Americans don’t know that ex-president Morsi and the Brotherhood had created an Islamic Law constitution and had removed the Judicial System (who declared their Islamic Law constitution illegal). Morsi had made a decree that gave himself full Executive, full Legislative, and full Judicial powers.

The MB were conducting a full-scale Islamic takeover in which Islamic Law was about to be enforced on people who absolutely did not want Islamic Law (exactly like what is happening in Syria).

As far as human rights violations, there were over 150 well-documented torture cases during Morsi’s first 100 days in office. That’s four times greater than during Mubarak’s entire 30 years in office! And those 150 cases were only cases going to trial. There were 1000’s more that didn’t make it to trial because the MB were removing the Judicial system in transition to Islamic Law.

For close to two years there has been daily fighting between the Egyptian Army and ISIS in the Sinai. The buildup of terrorists in the Sinai began when the Muslim Brotherhood took power in 2012. Foreign Islamist fighters and weapons were transported to the Sinai for over a year and large Islamist militias were formed in the Sinai.

These foreign Islamist militias were to be used against the people of Egypt when needed to enforce Muslim Brotherhood rule and Islamic Law. These armies of Islamists have since declared their allegiance to ISIS and have committed acts of terror against the Egyptian people and the Egyptian Armed Forces ever since—since 2012 (again, exactly as is happening in Syria, but you’ve never been told the truth).

In June 2015, the Egyptian Attorney General was assassinated. The assassination came with a threat from the Muslim Brotherhood to withdraw charges against Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are being tried for acts of terrorism and murder. In the trial for the assassination, the defendants confessed to being Muslim Brotherhood members and said that there was also a plot to assassinate an EU ambassador. One month after the assassination of the Attorney General the Italian consulate was blown up. ISIS in the Sinai took credit for that explosion, but collusion was found between the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in the Sinai.

The defendants in the trial testified that they moved to and from Israel through the Hamas tunnels on the Egypt-Israeli border while preparing for the terror attack that killed the Attorney General. During the MB rule and the creation of the Islamist militias in the Sinai, president Morsi stated in several speeches that Israel must be destroyed and that this was one of the reasons for the formation of Islamic militias in the Sinai — to prepare for an eventual attack on Israel. All of these plans were destroyed when the people of Egypt took back their country and removed the Brotherhood from power.

Had Egypt fallen to Islamic Rule, there would have been a domino effect throughout North Africa and more — because the Muslim Brotherhood is well established in over 80 countries — and Muslim Brotherhood ideology is identical to ISIS. The two groups are now enmeshed.

Egypt is hated by Islamist groups who wanted Islamic Rule and a Caliphate. Morsi also mentioned in his speeches the return of the Caliphate and stated that it would begin in the Levant (Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Israel).

Also, something most people don’t know is that the Egyptian Supreme Court had ruled the first presidential election illegal and void due to more than 1000 violations. The Muslim Brotherhood prevented Egyptians from voting; beat people at the voting stations and only allowed MB members to vote. Entire Christian villages were not allowed to vote; the MB said they would kill any Christian who tried to vote on election day. For all of these reasons and more, the Egyptian people created the grassroots campaign that successfully removed Morsi and the Brotherhood from power.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.