Is media spreading propaganda instead of the TRUTH about Syria?

Syrian Map
Syrian Map

Are you confused by news stories you hear about what’s happening in and around Syria? Cheri Berens describe in great detail using a network of sources in that region. Are you ready for the truth?


Neither Assad, the government, nor Syrian armed forces, bombed civilians

Opposition attacks on civilian neighborhoods in Aleppo during the week of April 25 – May 2 resulted in 146 dead (of which 52 were children, 33 women), and 1103 were injured (432 were children, 356 women). The death toll continues to rise because about 30% of the injured are in critical condition. Added to this, two hospitals were targeted by the “opposition” and hence medical treatment for the injured is all but impossible–the hospitals were blown up, emergency facilities destroyed. The injured civilians are suffering a slow death from injuries. One of the hospitals the “opposition” hit was a maternity hospital.

I dislike using the terms “opposition” or “rebels”. These terms are purposefully used to mislead you. I use the terms only because mainstream media uses them and I want you to recognize who I am speaking of. But “opposition” and “rebel” are propaganda terms, taken directly off of the propaganda sites, and specifically used to mislead you into thinking these groups consist of Syrian nationals who are uprising against the government–which is untrue. Members of the “opposition” are foreign Islamists who came to Syria to fight for an Islamist takeover and to create an Islamic Law region in Syria and Iraq, which Islamists call the Levant (1).

What Really Happened April 25 – May 2, 2016

In Aleppo:
Terror attacks on residential areas lasted for days. Responsible for the attacks were al-Qaeda in Syria (aka al-Nusra), the US-backed Free Syrian Army, al-Jabhat al-Shamiya (the Levant Front) and Ahrar al-Sham (Free Levant). (a)

In Damascus:
Terror attacks were conducted by Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) and their affiliate Failaq al-Rahman (the Rahman Corps). During one attack, on May 1, these Islamist groups fired over 100 rockets and mortar shells into Damascus, killing at least 12 civilians and injuring over 60. (b)

Jaish al-Islam targeted the most densely populated part of the city and used homemade gas-canister bombs (barrel bombs). The barrel bomb is a homemade rocket made of a cooking-gas canister that is made of steel and weighs about 50 lbs. The gas-canister is filled with explosives, shrapnel and nails. Can you imagine what the shrapnel does to the human body—to a child’s body?

So that the western world will blame the Syrian government (and therefore the Islamists will complete their takeover of Syria), the pro-Islamist social media sites bombard social media with propaganda so that mainstream media will pick up the false stories that blame “government” forces. Mainstream media picks up the fabricated stories — without questioning the sources, without fact-checking, or investigating possible bias.

What happened April 25 – May 2 has been ongoing since 2012. These groups have been conducting identical attacks on an almost daily basis, but you have been deprived the truth because mainstream media does not investigate their sources and reports whatever the propaganda sites post on social media. This report will give you mainstream media’s sources — all of which have proven to be pro-Islamist propaganda organizations.

Civilians living in Aleppo and Damascus often move to what is known as “government protected areas”. These are areas where the Syrian National Defense Forces protect their citizens from Islamist attacks. Syrians choose to move to these areas because by doing so, they are “protected”. But mainstream media will quote the propaganda sites and instead of using “protected” western media uses the propaganda term, “government controlled”. The word “controlled” makes these areas seem sinister, as if human rights are being denied, or that people are being “controlled” or restricted. But it is the opposite. In government “protected” areas, civilians are able to go about their daily activities freely; whereas, in “opposition” held areas, women are forced to veil themselves (or receive 70 lashes); Christians are denied all rights (and are often crucified, raped or tortured). In “opposition” held areas, Islamic Law is enforced, instead of the freedom and equality Syrians experience in the government “protected” areas.

When the “opposition” targets a city, they hit the densely populated areas where civilians have gone to be “protected”. Opposition groups use missiles (and barrel bombs) from the outskirts, often targeting hospitals, schools, and other areas where civilians are easy targets. Bit by bit, month after month, the “opposition” groups have been slowly destroying the entire city of Damascus, and much of Aleppo. They then occupy a vacated area that they have previously destroyed and where they can then begin targeting another nearby civilian neighborhood — until those neighborhoods are destroyed also. Opposition armies have systematically destroyed Damascus in this manner.

Each province and large city in Syria has a brigade or division of the National Defense Forces. Members of the National Defense Forces are stationed in their home city or home province so that they can defend their own community from Islamist “opposition” attacks. This system has been successful from preventing an Islamist takeover for obvious reasons: they are protecting their own land and community–they are defending their own families and friends. They do not bomb their own communities and neighborhoods. They do not bomb their hospitals, schools and other public places. Syrian Armed Forces would not target their own children, their wives and their parents, their friends, and community.

As in Damascus, the “opposition” has been attacking Aleppo relentlessly. Aleppo is now about a quarter of its original size. In every remaining neighborhood you will see children without limbs or eyes because of an “opposition” attack using barrel bombs which disperse shrapnel that causes terrible wounds.

But there are other wounds beyond the visible ones. Wounds created by western media who demonize the legitimate national fighting forces who are fighting the Islamist terrorist groups. Every Syrian has a family member in the armed services–a son, grandson, a father, or an uncle.

Thousands of women joined the armed services during 2015, so many Syrians have a mother, a daughter, or a granddaughter in the armed services. When western media declares that it is the Syrian Armed Forces that are conducting these horrific attacks that maim or kill their children, their wives, their parents and their friends — how do you think the Syrian people feel? They feel betrayed by the West, whose ideals they used to praise and strive for.

Official reports have stated that at least 75,000 foreign Islamists entered Syria from 86 different countries in 2015 to fight as mercenaries for ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Turkish-Saudi Arabian coalition army, Jaish al-Fateh, and the other eight main foreign “opposition” groups (2). These are the Islamists who fire the barrel bombs into civilian neighborhoods — not the Syrian armed forces.

Mainstream media slaps insult onto insult by reporting propaganda that deliberately hinders the expulsion of the terrorists. These terrorist groups are the ones responsible for the refugee crisis, who conduct 100’s of beheadings, crucifixions, drownings, rapes, and torture of innocent civilians each month.

Who feeds mainstream media the propaganda?

  • Human Rights Watch
    White Helmets
    The Syria Campaign
    Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
    Amnesty International
    Doctors Without Borders 

White Helmets/Syrian Civil Defense
One of the largest sources of propaganda in the last few years has come from the White Helmets. They have recently changed their name to “Syrian Civil Defense” because investigative reporters and ground sources have finally begun to combat the White Helmet’s propaganda to a small degree. Unfortunately, mainstream media continues to use the White Helmets/Syrian Civil Defense as an “authoritative” source.

The White Helmets was not created by Syrian nationals, nor does it serve the interests of the Syrian state or its people. The White Helmets was created by a collaboration of Islamists inside the US and UK in 2013. The “rescue workers” you see in their propaganda photos and media campaigns are usually filmed in “opposition held” areas. But as mentioned in the Background section, “opposition” held areas have few civilians because civilians evacuate and go to the government protected areas. The photos are dramatized fakes.

The White Helmets state that they are “nonpartisan” rescue workers. But their photos always show them conducting “rescue” work in opposition areas that have already been destroyed months or years earlier and evacuated. The “rescue” workers have been filmed socializing with opposition, participating in civilian executions, and waving al-Qaeda and other “opposition” flags. Moreover, opposition groups do not allow humanitarian aid into their areas.

Any civilians remaining in opposition-held areas are usually the helpless, disabled or elderly who could not escape. They do not survive. They are deprived of food, water, medical supplies. Ambulances are never allowed in. “Opposition” do not allow in rescue workers. So how is it that these alleged “rescue” workers are allowed to film “rescue” events? Answer: It has been repeatedly shown that the “rescue” workers are in collaboration with the opposition, that they are members of the opposition, and that they stage the photos. Often the same photos are shown repeatedly year after year, with claims that they are separate events or different cities.

Since its creation, every White Helmet report demonizes and blames Assad, using the propaganda terms “regime forces” or “government forces” and encourages western intervention. It has not been the Syrian Armed Forces that has conducted an attack on civilians. Often ISIS, al-Qaeda, Jaish al-Fateh, Jaish al-Islam, and other “opposition” groups not only take claim for the attacks, they film themselves doing the attacks—the very attacks the White Helmets blame “regime” forces for.

False White Helmet reports have made it into the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and many other mainstream media reports. Though they have a website, they are most active on Twitter and Facebook, and this is where mainstream media takes the false claims and reports them as “truth”.

The Syria Campaign
The “Syria Campaign” began in early 2014 and their original purpose was to prevent information about the Syrian Presidential Election of June 2014 from ever being reported by western media. The Syria Campaign was able to get Facebook to remove all truth about the Syrian election.

For several months before the elections there were extremely large and repeated pro-Assad rallies throughout all of Syria—in every city—yet none of the pro-Assad rallies were ever reported by mainstream media due to the power of the “Syria Campaign”.

After the Syria Campaign succeeded in preventing the truth about the Syrian presidential election from surfacing (an election that had an enormous voter turnout and which Assad won by a very large majority), the Syria Campaign then began an enormous media and propaganda campaign promoting the “White Helmets”.

The Syria Campaign’s website is 100% propaganda complete with faked “rescue” videos created by the White Helmets. It’s propaganda videos receive millions of hits on YouTube and is extremely successful at brainwashing westerners into believing the propaganda. They are extremely active on all social media platforms.

Their propaganda videos have been shared by newspaper websites such as the Daily Mail, Telegraph, and Independent, to name just a few mainstream media sites.

Funding for Avaaz was originally provided by George Soros and it began as an online lobbyist organization created by Jeremy Heimans. Heimans is a political activist and CEO of “Purpose”. Purpose says it “creates ventures that tackle issues where mass participation and collective action can unlock big change”.  “Purpose” also states on its website that it “develops cutting-edge digital platforms that enable people around the world to build power”. So we have funding by George Soros and “cutting-edge” social media platforms that create “mass participation”. What this means is: big bucks are being used to control social media — and control your impressions of events in Syria.

Avaaz has been involved in promoting liberal foreign policies in accordance with the U.S. State Department. Avaaz is known for “disinformation tactics” in their various campaigns. Avaaz was a primary promoter of the “No Fly Zone” in Libya and Syria. Avaaz justifies the No Fly Zone in part by using the “rescue” reports from the “White Helmets”. With such massive financing and massive ability to control social media, is it any wonder that White Helmets have been so successful in both their propaganda and their ability to control mainstream media reporting?

Human Rights Watch
The Human Rights Watch (HRW), has been criticized by national governments, various NGOs, various media, and even its founder and former chairman, Robert L. Bernstein. Criticism is usually based on “inaccurate reporting” and “bias”. Yet somehow, mainstream media continues to use HRW as a source for its reports on events in Syria.

The accusations of bias have included HRW being influenced by US government policy, ignoring anti-Semitism in Europe, biased reporting on the Palestinian conflict (takes an anti-Israel stance), and misrepresentation of human rights (blames the very people being violated). HRW has also been accused of evidence-gathering bias (6). HRW’s founder, Robert Bernstein, has accused the organization of using unverified stories (7).

On September 7, 2010, it was announced that George Soros was donating $100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch (8).

HRW has also received much criticism for requesting donations from Saudi Arabian citizens. A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mark Regev, said this about HRW’s fundraising in Saudi Arabia: “A human rights organization raising money in Saudi Arabia is like a women’s rights group asking the Taliban for a donation” (9).

Human Rights Watch (HRW) was one of the first to falsely blame the Syrian government for the East Ghouta chemical weapons accusation of August 2013. The west’s ‘moral outrage’ that resulted from HRW’s propaganda campaign was what caused the involvement of the US-backed coalition–and was what sparked the escalation of the war, the creation of ISIS, and the increase in numbers of Islamist groups invading Syria.

Several official reports immediately following HRW’s reports proved that the accusation was a fraud. The UN acknowledged that the incident had been fully staged, and that the false accusations were followed up by a manipulated media and the US State Department. Furthermore, investigative journalist for the New York Times, Seymour Hersh, proved that the US intelligence that implicated the Syrian Government had been fabricated; and the New York Times retracted their previous speculative evidence in which they had “claimed” implicated the Syrian Army–and which was found to be untrue.

From that point on, August 2013, HRW has continued to use photos in which “rebels” attacked civilians, yet HRW puts the blame on the Syrian “government” or “regime forces”, even though the photos used are fakes or manipulated, and no factual evidence is given — yet mainstream media continues to cite HRW as an authoritative source of information.

Another major HRW propaganda story which mainstream media picked up and which resulted in another wave of escalated terrorism growth in Syria, was the HRW story titled, “Razed to the Ground”. The story falsely claimed that from 2012-2013 the Syrian government demolished residential buildings in Damascus as “punishment” for civilian support of “rebels”. The article stated that thousands of families lost their homes and it portrayed a horrific image to westerners —  yet the story was 100% fabricated.

As described in the Background section of this article, it has been the “rebels”, or “opposition” groups that have systematically, on an almost daily basis since 2012, been bombing Damascus with barrel bombs and rocket fire which has systematically destroyed neighborhood after neighborhood.

Cries of outrage have been expressed by citizens of these cities, along with an abundance of video of the actual culprits committing these crimes. But mainstream media continues to quote HRW’s lies and propaganda.

HRW is a New York-based organization that claims to be a non-governmental organization, but which is actually funded by government-linked foundations. Kenneth Roth, director of the HRW, is active on Twitter, promoting propaganda with as many as 200 Tweets per day of propaganda and faked or manipulated images, and always falsely claiming that violations are committed by the Syrian government or Syria’s armed forces.

Roth has consistently promoted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since 2011, claiming the Muslim Brotherhood are being denied rights and are being persecuted, also claiming the current Egyptian “regime” is conducting abuses—all of which has been well documented to be untrue. Roth is also a pro-Palestinian propagandist, claiming that Palestinians are the victims of the Israeli government and often using faked or recycled photos of wounded children “at the hands of the Israeli government”.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a pro-Islamist organization, yet it is always quoted as an “unbiased, authoritative source” of information by the Huffington Post, Reuters, CNN, Fox, and nearly all mainstream media. Mainstream media outlets have been caught citing this group verbatim, without questioning the organization’s reliability or who this organization actually represents.

Rami Abdul Rahman calls himself the “director” of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, though the organization has no other employees or members in the field to “observe” human rights violations in Syria. Rahman is a one-man operation who works out of his home in the UK. Though he is a one-man operation who slings lies and propaganda, mainstream media cites him as a “London-based monitoring group”. Seems they get this description directly off his website, because there are no employees, no “group” members and absolutely no one that “monitors” violations. Like other propaganda social media sites, Rahman often takes his photos and reports directly from the White Helmets or Avaaz. They all seem to be working in tandem.

Rahman began his propaganda campaign in 2011, immediately following the Islamist uprisings in Syria (the “Arab Spring” was an Islamist attempt at overpowering several sectarian countries). Rahman’s anti-Syria, pro-Islamist campaign escalated when Russia began successfully taking out Islamist terrorist cells in Syria (3). His anti-Russia propaganda was quickly picked up by mainstream media without any photographs, videos or actual evidence that could verify Rahman’s claims that Russia was targeting civilians. The truth is, Russia is a threat to all Islamist groups due to their successful hits on terror cells, training camps and weapons stockpiles. Russia uses pinpoint targeting technology and conducts sorties far from civilian areas.

Amnesty International
A senior Amnesty International official was overwhelming found to be linked with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and UAE and also tied to revolutionary Islamists accused of plotting a coup in an Arab state.

Yasmin Hussein, an Amnesty International director, and a leading voice at the UN who has always taken a pro-Islamist stance, held a private meeting with a Muslim Brotherhood leader during an Amnesty International mission to Egypt in 2012. During her visit with the Muslim Brotherhood leader, she stayed overnight at the residence of a Muslim Brotherhood government official, Adly al-Qazzaz. In doing so, Hussein broke Amnesty rules of impartiality and guidelines of conflict of interest. But there’s more. That discovery opened the door to her other biased ties to Islamists.

Hussein’s husband was named as a Muslim Brotherhood member in documents relating to a 2013 trial in the United Arab Emirates regarding an Islamist takeover attempt inside the UAE. Interesting to note here is that every Islamist takeover attempt, whether in Tunisia, Algeria, Liyba, Egypt, Syria and UAE, began with an uprising of Muslim Brotherhood groups inside each of those countries.

According to Amnesty rules given to its staff members, Hussein was to declare any links she may have or had that would generate a real or perceived conflict of interest or impartiality. She was also instructed to inform Amnesty of any visits to perceived persons of conflicted interests. Amnesty rules on overseas trips state: “For an Amnesty delegate to accept an invitation to stay at the residence of a government official is a serious breach of protocol.” Yet Hussein did so in a clandestine attempt. This was before evidence of her husband’s membership and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood surfaced.

Adly al-Qazzaz, the owner of the residence in which Hussein spent the night and whom she had meetings with, was not only a government official (the Muslim Brotherhood was in power in Egypt at the time of her visit), but was high up within the Muslim Brotherhood leadership (4). Also, his son, Khaled al-Qazzaz, was the Brotherhood’s presidential secretary for foreign affairs and his daughter was the official spokeswoman for the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK.

Hussein’s husband, Wael Musabbeh, was also the director and trustee of the Human Relief Foundation (HRF), a global Islamic charity banned in Israel for its connection to Hamas, the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. HRF lists “Qatar Charity” as one of its financial supporters—a group that Osama bin Laden also named as a financial supporter of al-Qaeda.

Hussein’s husband was also the director of the Claremont Community Trust, a UK organization that is part of the Muslim Brotherhood support network. Hussein herself was listed as director of the Claremont Community Trust from 2003-2015.

Hussein previously worked with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), who calls itself an Islamic charity, but has known ties to Hamas and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. IRW currently has propaganda photos on its Facebook page, some of which include the old, falsified photos of “rescued” children by the White Helmets. The photos claim to be from attacks April 26, 2016, but the photos are of old photos from a 2013 terror attack.

IRW accepted a $50,000 check from Osama bin Laden in 1999. In November 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared IRW a terrorist group. Hussein was also Director of Communications, and Director of External Relations for IRW.

Besides Jasmin Hussein’s multitude of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Amnesty International itself has also been under investigation for links with CAGE (Cageprisoners, Ltd.), an apologist group for jihadists and whose director, Moazzam Begg, is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

All of these various ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Islamist groups, and blatant pro-jihadist tendencies, question Amnesty’s claim to be an “impartial observer”. It has instead been an Islamist sympathizer and also promoter of propaganda against the Syrian state in favor of the Islamist takeover.

Additionally, in 2014, Amnesty lobbied hard against making the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in the UK and also lobbied against al-Qaeda in Syria being declared a terrorist group.

In 2013 Amnesty released false reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were protesting “peacefully” when documentation proved otherwise. During several trials, the Egyptian government and civilian witness testimony, complete with videotape evidence, proved that the Muslim Brotherhood had committed acts of terror and violence. Amnesty was generating pro-Muslim Brotherhood propaganda in which mainstream media picked up without question.

From 2011-present, and probably long before in regards to Israeli-Palestinian issues, Amnesty has a history of pro-Islamist propaganda and involvement with organizations in which want to overthrow secular governments in favor of an Islamist takeover.

Funding:  Amnesty takes money from both governments and corporate-financier interests, one of the most notorious of which, Open Society, is headed by George Soros (whose Open Society also funds Human Rights Watch and a myriad of other “human rights” propaganda sites).

Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA was recruited from the US State Department (5). Amnesty International’s website mentions Suzanne Nossel’s role behind the US State Department-backed UN resolutions regarding Syria and Libya. Nossel was told to “fabricate military aggression” in the pursuit of global corporate-financier hegemony under the pretense of “human rights” advocacy (5).

Questionable:  Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by corporate finance interests behind Wall Street and backed by London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria. The Doctors Without Borders annual report included financial donors such as Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg and other corporate interests. Doctors Without Borders has bankers on its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Complicating Doctors Without Borders claims that it is “independent” and that it offers “unbiased aid” is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey. **Please see my article about who controls the border of Turkey (ISIS and Jaish al-Fateh)

In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions “outside of the Syrian government’s control”, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas. In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West, most of which militants are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to al-Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called “international aid” organization is yet another covert military machine being turned against Syria.” (10)


(1)  More than 75,000 foreign Islamist from 86 different countries travelled to Syria in 2015 to train and fight with ISIS and other Islamist groups: see: report of terror groups in Syria dated December, 2015.

See also:

(2) For details about Jaish al-Fateh, the coalition army created by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, see:

For information about the 75,000 foreign fighters, see Reference number (1) above.

(3)  Much of the negative rhetoric about Putin is coming from these sites. They do this because Russia has been extremely effective in squashing ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria. Russia’s air strikes use hi-tech pinpoint targeting and all sorties have been far from civilian areas. Terrorist cells, weapons stockpiles, and training camps is what Russia targets.

(4) Adly al-Qazzaz was involved in the “Brotherhoodization” of Egypt’s educations system; i.e. removing Egypt’s pharaonic history from textbooks and replacing it with Islamic history; removing women from history and other textbooks, science discoveries considered to be against Islamic beliefs. Also, Quranic studies became mandatory.

(5)  Amnesty International’s Funding: Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda

(6)  Jonathan Foreman (2010-03-28). “Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch”. London: Times Online.

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(10)  “Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

White Helmets, now renamed “Syrian Civil Defense”, was not created by Syrians nor does it serve the state of Syria or the Syrian people. It was created by the UK and USA in 2013:

BBC is barrel bombing day and night (propaganda):…/5383051

Human Rights” front groups’ war on Syria:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Tool of Western Propaganda:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is quoted as though it were the most authoritative source of information to be found in Syria, often quoted verbatim by Huffington Post, Reuters, CNN and Fox without questioning the reliability of the source.

Amnesty International:

Organizations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood

Opposition terrorist attacks:…/latest-nato-backed-terroris…/


(a) and (b) For full descriptions of the various Opposition groups in Syria, see:

(a) My sources have reported that on May 1, 2016, Jaish al-Islam attacks hit the neighborhoods of al-Mazraat, al-Amara, Dheeya al-Assad, al-Baramaka, Jaramana, abu Ramani, al-Maliki, al-Zablatani and Bab Tooma in Aleppo.

(b) The majority of the rockets and mortar shells fired by Jaish al-Islam and Failaq al-Rahman were also launched into the border cities of Damascus: Harasta, Jobar, Douma, Zamalka, Zibdeen, Kafr Batna and Beit Sawa.

People living in Aleppo, Damascus, and other large Syrian cities face mortar fire and hell-canon fire almost daily. The “opposition” are continuously cutting off electricity and water. On a daily basis, dozens of people are murdered via these Islamist “opposition” terror attacks. Yet western media never reports this—and if they report any of these events conducted by the Islamist groups, they state that “regime” forces are killing civilians—taken directly from Islamist propaganda sites.

Further reading:
Article dated February 20, 2016 explaining who controls the border crossings into Turkey (ISIS and Jaish al-Fateh), and that the “refugees” are not Syrians but foreign Islamists who ISIS and Jaish al-Fateh are allowing out after training with the Islamists.

“Everything you need to know about the Syrian people” includes information about who the Syrian people are (Christian, Armenian, Greek and so forth), explains how their government works and how their freedoms and equality are laid out in their constitution, what political parties are involved in government and more — “everything you need to know”:

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.