Do you really want another Muslim in the White House?

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Muslim Hijab
Hillary Clinton, Obama, Muslim Hijab

If you do not want Hillary Clinton to be the next President for the next eight years then you must make sure you vote in the remaining primaries. The current anti-Trump media blitz is all about getting people frustrated or confused enough to stay home and not vote. If that happens, there will be a contested convention that will nominate a candidate who will lose to Hillary. This is what they are banking on – a contested [Republican] convention so that Hillary can win.

I follow over 150 Muslim organizations in America. Muslims have many millions of dollars invested in Hillary’s campaign – enough to easily manipulate the media.

Hillary will further the pro-Muslim agenda which has already gained rapid growth during the Obama administration. Hillary has been bought out by powerful Muslim organizations inside America, but also by powerful Islamic countries, countries who are actively involved in the Islamic agenda in America. Under Hillary, the Islamic agenda will grow at quadruple the pace it did under Obama. And like Europe, it will be impossible to reverse. This is the turning point folks. But you still have the power to prevent it.

Our children’s textbooks are already visibly filled with the Islamic brainwashing system of untruthful accounts of Islam’s history and of glorifying Islam. Added to that, in 2015, various schools throughout America “officially” approved the observance of Islamic holidays for the 2016 calendar. Yet “Christmas” is not recognized, nor are Jewish holidays.

Christmas was removed and replaced with “Winter” Break; Easter removed and changed to “Spring”. These subtle changes may have originally seemed to be for the purpose of being fair and unbiased (i.e. politically correct), but then why should Islamic holidays now be recognized and not Christian or Jewish holidays? Because it was never about being religiously “fair or unbiased”. It was always about slowly removing the Judeo-Christian heritage of America.

The pro-Islam agenda in America has been slow and steady and extremely devious. But it will not be slow with Hillary as president; it will rapidly worsen because her primary financial backers are Islamist groups who have been plotting and planning for decades. Obama put the Islamic agenda on the fast-track, but Hillary will wrap it up. America will start looking like Europe. There will be a rapid and enormous influx of Muslim Immigrants – beyond your wildest comprehension – because that is one of the Islamist’s primary objectives. Muslim immigrants (i.e. Muslim population growth), is a primary factor in enforcing the Islamic agenda.

Muslim organizations are already deeply involved in changing our laws. Every week of every year Muslim groups in each state go to their state capitol to promote enactment of pro-Muslim laws.

Added to these state campaigns, nine of the most powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations in America go to your representatives in Washington DC, not only to donate money to them, but to persuade your representatives to support the pro-Muslim agenda. These nine Muslim Brotherhood organizations visit over 200 congressional offices: about one third of the House of Representatives and about half the Senate. Muslim Brotherhood delegates have been persuading your legislators to support their agenda. (1)

Do you really want another Muslim in the White House? That’s what you’ll get with Hillary. Muslims will dominate her administration, they will further infiltrate the military and Homeland Security, as they did during the Obama administration. To stop this from happening you must not allow a contested [Republican] convention.

The delegates that Donald Trump doesn’t win in the primaries will be up to the highest bidder – and that can be anybody – not necessarily Cruz or Kasich. The delegates can nominate anybody. And delegates can be bought. A contested convention is how Hillary can win. The media is blitzing primary voters with negative campaigning so that voters will stay home out of frustration or confusion. Muslim backers behind Hillary have enormous money invested in this election.

Think about the current racial division in America. Take a good look at who is behind many of the Black Live Matter protests. Muslim Brotherhood groups have been creating and backing Black Lives Matter “events”. I follow more than 50 Muslim Student Associations, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate who has branches in almost every university throughout America. Soros possibly may have “paid for” the giant Trump protest at Chicago University, in which Black Lives Matter were prevalent, but it was Chicago’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) who organized and rallied the enormous numbers of people who went to the protest.

It is Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR and MSA that have promoted the anti-police campaign in America. They promote police hatred in order to immobilize our police – to make them impotent when public and private property are being destroyed by “protesters”.

The Muslim Brotherhood used this same tactic successfully in Egypt. They promoted police hatred and made police afraid to protect Egyptian citizens and public property for fear of false accusations of abuse. It worked and successfully helped facilitate the Islamist takeover of Egypt. Resulting escalated violence towards average citizens due to the systematic disabling of police forces further enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to seize control.

Historically, a rise in Muslim population (even a Muslim population of less than 2%) has always resulted in a rise in violence and future attempt at takeover (2). Historically, Islam is never “peaceful” because it is based on an ideology of conquest and supremacy.

To further confuse you during this election cycle, I’ve seen video of Muslim activists speaking at Bernie and Hillary rallies. They use words like “peace” and say Muslims are against “terrorism”. They are using Islamic dualistic lingo and doublespeak. Here are important Islamic terms you should familiarize yourself with during this extremely important election:

Justice = can only be obtained by Islamic Law.

Peace = can only occur when Islamic Law is implemented on all people.

Freedom = only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom.

Terrorism = an act of terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed. To kill a Christian, Jew, or other non-Muslim is legal and acceptable in Islam. Muslims will say they are against terrorism, but what they really mean is that they are against killing Muslims.

Innocent = only a Muslim can be innocent. According to Islamic Doctrine the only innocent people in this world are Muslims. Non-Muslims are never innocent because they are always guilty of not following Islamic Law or subordinating to it. When Muslims talk compassionately about “innocent” victims of terrorism, they are ONLY speaking of Muslims.

Interestingly, Hillary uses doublespeak like Muslims do. She says she never received classified email. She did receive classified email but was able to say she didn’t because the word “classified” was removed before the email was passed on to her–this was done purposefully. Hillary said she never received a notice to appear by the FBI. She did receive notice, but was able to say she didn’t because her lawyers are the ones who actually receive notices. There are 100’s of examples of how deliberately devious Hillary is. Do we really want another Muslim in the White House? And an administration full of deviousness and outright lying?

Once Muslims get a foot in the door via Hillary – you will never be able to remove them. You thought Obama was bad? Wait until Hillary. They haven’t invested billions and billions of dollars for nothing. 


Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.