Consequentially Speaking

Girl, Thinking, Black White, Prayer, God
Girl, Thinking, Black White, Prayer, God

We are free agents, just like in sport but different. This is real life. We can choose to be nice or we can choose to be mean. We can choose to make a right decision or we can choose to make a wrong decision. It does not matter how we choose, either way, God in all of His infinite wisdom has devised a system, that guaranteed, immediate or in the distant future…

There will be… a consequence to each and every decision made.

The Bible mentioned it when Paul spoke of reaping what we sow. What we plant in the minds and hearts of people, what words, decisions, opinions, the taking of the power the media gives to us to shape how people think, all of this is going to prove itself….consequential.

Today’s public will laugh at the previous paragraph, but Paul knew that and he went on in the same verse from the Book of the Galatians and said, “God is not mocked.” In other words, don’t ever think that God will ever, in the length of our lives, be laughed at. Everything we do and everything that we impart to people will be….consequential.

In recent weeks, those that long to make everyone happy and desire a gold star to be rewarded for just showing up to something, have come up with a policy that basically say’s:

Anybody should be able to walk into the bathroom of their choice if they think a particular way

This decision can reach so far into the depths of millions of young souls, children, who will become lost from what is respectful and personal. But the policy-makers and media don’t care. That is not what is important to them. They feel that freedom is good, no matter the pain and embarrassment it may cause millions of young boys and girls. And that, in itself, is a powerful and dreadful cause….consequentially speaking.

People will have to answer one day for that decision, even if today you don’t believe it. The truth of the matter is, God exists and as He does, it is to maintain order. That is why He has set up laws. Natural, spiritual, financial, professional, and emotional laws. Break them and there are consequences. Right now, creeping and walking in the hallways of public schools across American, harm is pacing and waiting at the door of each and every bathroom. And therein lies where the laws of God are about to break in such a powerful way that the flood gates of pain and heartbreak will pour and flood not only the school system but homes across America.

With that decision, with the policies, blackmail, and extortion put on the public schools from our own government, to not respect young boys and girls and create emotional harm and stress we will find…

Jesus standing up at the right hand of God, watching as politicians, media personalities, and celebrities engaging in a brutal and unfair decision seek to care less and know that that they will soon harm the little boys and girls that Jesus loves so dearly.

Those who believe in the laws and principles set forth by God and agreed to by our forefathers know that through this one policy the thread of morality will be shredded and all foundational principles destroyed.

And so as He sits back down at the right hand of God, Jesus leans into the chest of his Father, God Himself, and with a tear in his eye, God looks down at what is happening.

Remember…God is not mocked, and because of that, it will be apparent that the hearts and minds involved with this policy are going to have to face a strong and powerful judgment never ever experienced by the human mind and heart… consequentially speaking.

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