Candidate Tweets ‘Truth Bombs’ to Democrats over REAL ISSUES Plaguing EVERYONE

Frank Edelblut Tweets
Frank Edelblut Tweets

With all of the ridiculous arguments Democrats are making regarding ‘bathroom issues,’ it seems they have completely forgotten what is truly important in this country and to the MILLIONS of people in it, including those within the LGBT community.

A Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire decided to tweet out some ‘truth bombs’ today that should certainly leave Democrats’ heads spinning.

Candidate Frank Edelblut, currently a state representative, sent out a series of tweets that identified the economy, education, Obamacare, Common Core and women’s safety as issues that should be focused on while Democrats keep talking about ‘bathroom issues.’

As most people know by now, these ‘bathroom issues’ have become front and center for the Obama Administration who is pushing illegal mandates onto the states that allow people to use whatever bathroom, changing room, shower room etc they see fit to self-identify with at any given moment.

While Rome is collectively burning – 94 million people still out of the workforce; poverty the highest in 50 years; Common Core making our kids dumber than ever before; Obamacare bankrupting states AND Americans – Obama holds up his pen and paper to decide ‘bathroom issues’ for every state.

The killer tweet was the final one talking about women’s safety on campuses. Isn’t it the Democrats who continually push the mantra that campuses aren’t safe for women? Ironic they now want to make them LESS safe.

From Edelblut’s Twitter account:

At least someone seems to understand the issues that are plaguing ALL Americans within ALL communities.

Originally posted at TheFederalistPapers. Republished with permission.