Where is the Most Trusted Man in America today?

Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite

When I was a young man growing up in America, moms and dads and their children had confidence in the evening news and, specifically, in a man named Walter Cronkite. We opened our homes to him, switching the channels by hand and letting him in. He shared the news and came into our homes with stories that would grip our hearts and keep our attention. He was everybody’s storyteller, and he kept the story prominent for however long it was vital for the people of this country.

Mr. Cronkite did not show himself as a liberal or as a conservative. He did not plant stories to share his agenda. He reported on what was happening within our country and throughout the world… and we believed him, and because of that, he was called, “The most trusted man in America.”

Today, moms and dads would not dare have their children sitting with them watching the evening news. The news anchors, and their many contributors to the news, would not be respectful of our children. They are often loose with their language and the need to graph in some inappropriate topics. Truth be told, the main point for them and the sponsors is demographics… who is watching, the age group, race, income, and so on.

It’s about their agenda, selling advertising and building revenue. All of this has taken over and they have kept the people at a “need to know” basis.

And what about the sponsors? Today, do you realize, you and your son or daughter could be sitting on the couch and you could have your 10-year-old ask you, “Daddy, what does erectile dysfunction mean?” Ouch!

Today’s news people and their stations need to be about their agenda, their special interests, and digging up whatever they can to contribute to the stress that each and every one of us already has accumulated within our own lives. The channels, anchors, and contributors are clearly defined as liberals, conservatives, libertarians, independents, and others, and not many, if you would ask the majority, could be called “the most trusted” people when it comes to the information we allow into our homes.

With that said, our standards for news has fallen to the lowest level of society and all it entails.

Shock… hypotheticals… displaying embarrassing stories, and twisting the truth, have become the norm and, sadly, the anchors and contributors who share their own ideas, which are out of this world… and they actually believe what they are sharing is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help themselves. The days of the absolute have been overcome by whatever you feel and believe. Whatever it is, no matter what the constitution may say…no matter what the rule of decency may dictate…, or what politeness should be offered, or the amount of respect that must be given attention to… those characteristics and personalities, now sit on the back burner of our society gathering dust.


Society now feels that politeness will be taken advantage of… respect makes you subservient, decency puts controls on our freedom, and the Constitution is nothing but an outdated, obsolete, and useless document.

Of course, we, as viewers, do not help the situation by viewing… but we seem to be accustomed to the shock and the embarrassing stories, feeling that without them life becomes boring. We somehow and from somewhere, no longer see the real value in the truth and, God forbid, the time it takes to investigate what the news is saying. Maybe Jack Nicholson was right when he said to Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth!” Maybe we can’t handle it.

We watch prominent, important stories like the Iran Deal, Clinton’s email scandals, the riots in Baltimore, the list goes on and on… stories that reflect, from a constitutional and healthy standard, behavior gone bad… important issues ignored and leaders becoming weakened and passive. And so, we become too busy to care and say,  “I am not at this moment affected by it, so, let it go.”

My question is this… “Who is in charge of the information that is shared; the person on the screen or the person with the remote control?” Will someone take hold of the lead like Peter Finch in the movie “Network,” who said, “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Does anyone want to join me in this fight?

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