Trump team uses Clinton tactics: Victimize the victim

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Yesterday it was reported that because Buzzfeed and Fox News “inadvertently” kept reporter Michelle Fields’ address and phone number in the police report they posted that she had to temporarily leave her home due to threats she was getting. Fields is the reporter who is at the center of “LYINdowskiGate” where Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was accused of grabbing her away from Trump in the midst of asking a question about Affirmative Action after an event.

From the very beginning Lewandowski claimed nothing ever happened as did Trump. After pressure to report the incident to the local police, Fields did. Lewandowski was charged with simply battery just the other day because Trump’s own security video from his hotel showed that Lewandowski did indeed grab Fields and pull her back.

What has happened throughout this entire incident has been ripped right from the Clinton’s own playbook – do something wrong; get called out for it; lie about any involvement; blame the victim and assassinate their character. It’s classic. The Clintons were known for doing this to many women during their reign of terror in politics. They have victimized many of their victims (especially Bill’s alleged sexual assault victims) in this very manner.

Let’s look at it play by play…

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Photo credit Gage Skidmore