Concealed Carry, Gun rights, Man, 2nd Amendment
Concealed Carry, Gun rights, Man, 2nd Amendment

A teacher at a middle school in Newton, CT was arrested Wednesday afternoon for bringing a gun to school.

According to reports the teacher, Jason Adams, 46, has a valid concealed carry permit in the state of Connecticut. However, state law prohibits firearms from any public school property.

In 2012, Newtown was the location of one of the nation’s most horrifying school shootings. Adam Lanza stole a rifle from his mother, then proceeded to murder her before going to Sandy Hook Elementary and massacring 20 young children and 6 teachers and finally killing himself, ending the siege.

According to the report, the teacher was arrested at the school after he was seen with the pistol:

Adams has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to the Newtown public school system, which said in a statement that it has been working closely with local police.

“This matter is very serious and troubling, both the Newtown Public School system and the Newtown Police Department took immediate steps to address the matter,” the school system said.

Newtown police said the department has contacted the state’s weapons licensing and permit unit to make them aware of the arrest.

What do you think? Should this teacher be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds in Newtown, CT?

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