SCOTUS, Texas, and the Scalia Saga

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Last week, unions gained a big victory when the Supreme Court deadlocked on whether non-union members had to pay dues, thus keeping it to the lower courts ruling that yes they do. My mom was instrumental 30 years ago in taking the unions to court for this same issue…though at the end they all got meager earnings for the hassle.

Today, they unanimously overturned a conservative challenge to Texas’s one person, one vote rule. If they had approved, it, races could have shifted from urban areas that tend to be racially diverse and favor Democrats to rural ones predominantly with white voters who often back Republicans. In a different case, however, they ruled that a state can, but is not required to, draw its legislative districts based on total population.

They also unanimously ruled that the Sex Offender Notification and Registration did not require a registered offender to update his registration once he left a state.

Additionally, they granted one new case which will discuss whether a no-impeachment rule constitutionally may bar evidence of racial bias that is given to prove violation of Sixth Amendment to an impartial jury.

They also reversed a decision by the Sixth Circuit in favor of a state habeas petitioner in light of Johnson vs. United States. In their brief they stated, “The District Court denied relief, but the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed in relevant part, over the dissent of Judge Kethledge. The majority concluded that Etherton’s appellate counsel had been constitutionally ineffective, and that no fairminded jurist could conclude otherwise. Etherton v. Rivard, 800 F. 3d 737 (2015). Without ruling on the merits of the court’s holding that counsel had been ineffective, we disagree with the determination that no fairminded jurist could reach a contrary conclusion, and accordingly reverse.”

In conclusion, two republican legislators changed their minds and decided against holding a confirmation hearing for Obama’s replacement for Scalia. What remains is to see who wins the nomination in November, and what the future holds, but we don’t want too many more tie votes in the Supreme Court. The Catholic Sisters awaiting review of their contraceptive case don’t either because that would mean it would go back to the lower court, where they lost.

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