Racism hypocrisy: That time Obama made a ‘colored people time’ joke to prove he’s black enough

Hillary Clinton, Bill DeBlasio, Black Joke Fail, Video Still
Hillary Clinton, Bill DeBlasio, Black Joke Fail, Video Still

By J.E. Dyer at LibertyUnyielding:

If you weren’t sure we live in a time of great absurdity, we can probably settle that question right here.

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio perpetrated a cringe-worthy, apparently scripted joke about “C.P. time,” or “colored people time” — a reference to black people supposedly having a lackadaisical attitude about timetables and appointments.

LU contributor Rusty Weiss pointed out (I’m embellishing a bit here) that a Republican who was stupid enough to do that would already be suited up for his waterboarding at an undisclosed CIA facility in Antarctica.

Naturally, Clinton and de Blasio couldn’t just annoy us with the original faux pas.  They had to have a finger-pointing contest afterward.  Mr. de Blasio explained that Hillary knew all about it before hand.  Hillary, huffing and puffing, dragged de Blasio under the bus.

NPR stumbled all over itself to excuse the Democratic comedy team, characterizing the solecism as a matter of “unfortunate timing,” and implying that the politicians’ real mistake was (ATTENTION! *NOT KIDDING ALERT*) “trying to be funny.”

Now the vigilant research demons at Mediaite have dug up Senator Barack Obama making, in effect, a “C.P. time” joke of his own back in 2007. (h/t: BizPacReview.)

Read the full article at LibertyUnyielding.


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