Newsflash DREAMERS! You’ll never feel truly safe here, until you go thru the process

Illegal Students, Border Patrol, CSU
Illegal Students, Border Patrol, CSU

CampusReform reports, the faculty advisor for Standing Together As oNe Dream (STAND) group freaked out seeing Border Patrol on campus and did this:

“gathered students to assemble an impromptu protest to let Border Patrol know their practices in our community were unjust and detrimental,”

Students at the California State University, San Marcos staged a demonstration Thursday protesting the inclusion of Border Patrol representatives at the school’s career fair.

So let me see if I’ve got this straight…

Illegal immigrant students felt safe enough to form a club for illegal students (Dreamers).

And they felt safe enough to openly protest standing right in front of the officers.

Maybe I missed it… why, exactly, were they fearful of Border Patrol agents on campus? Because if it was deportation, wouldn’t they logically have hidden from law enforcement, rather than standing in front of them shouting about how unjust it is for agents to enforce the laws of these United States that they (illegals) are breaking just by being here? The stupidity of this is mind-numbing!

Here’s a newsflash for all you Dreamers… until you go through the process to become a legal US citizen, you’ll NEVER feel truly safe here. This country has been more than generous. Quit your whining and stop trying to ban law enforcement on campus. They have a right to be there… even more than you do!

When you are in this country illegally, there should be no safe space. You’ve broken our laws. That makes you a criminal. The fact that Border Patrol and/or ICE doesn’t routinely round up college clubs for Dreamers is what emboldens you to make such a show on campus. For now, you have nothing to fear because the Obama Administration has so tied our law enforcement’s hands, you KNOW you won’t be deported. Why else would he let you stay here for school?

And while non-US citizens are occupying seats at state colleges paid for with taxpayer money, how many US citizens are being denied entry for lack of space? The whole thing is shameful.

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