Named for Satan: This is who activists want in women’s bathrooms

Gender neutral, bathroom sign
Gender neutral, bathroom sign

By J.E. Dyer at LibertyUnyielding

It is deranged and insane for LGBT activists to extort states over their policies on bathroom privacy protection.  Yet that’s what is happening to North Carolina, which recently passed a bill that says transgender persons don’t have aspecial – unique – privilege of suing for opposite-sex bathroom or locker room access.

The North Carolina bill has nothing to do with equal treatment of – well, anyone.  It is a Goebbelsian “Big Lie” to frame the issue as if it does.  It’s not about equal treatment or denying anything unjustly to “LGBT” people; in fact, it has nothing to do with being gay, lesbian, or “bi“ at all.

The North Carolina bill says there is no special privilege for anyone to sue his way into the bathroom or locker room used by members of the opposite biological sex.  It says that in North Carolina, that can’t be the basis of a lawsuit.  And it says that the default procedure for deciding which facility you have access to will be the sex listed on your birth certificate.

It doesn’t say no one can arrange to operate facilities on a different basis if he wants to.  It says the state forecloses the option of suing proprietors, whether public or private, into submission on this matter.

It doesn’t say you can’t complete a surgical sex-reassignment course and get yourself officially registered as a member of the opposite sex, and then have access to opposite-sex facilities.  It says the default for everyone is that you use the facility corresponding to the equipment you were born with.

This is so far from being unjust, to anyone, that you’d have to blast off from planet Earth and leave our galaxy get there.

Yet here’s North Carolina, being lied about by activists and the media, and having big corporations participating in an extortion scheme whose goal is enforced access to women’s bathroom and locker facilities for biological males.

That this is not a benign, domesticable goal is evident from the fact that it can only be approached by its partisans with lies, hysteria, and vituperation.  There’s no such thing as calm, reasoned, honest advocacy for it.  It’s packaged dishonestly as being somehow connected to fairness for lesbians and gays.  (It’s not.)  And its advocates get corporations to come in and levy an extortionate threat to the state: “We’ll deny you our business, if you don’t let those activists sue and harass you to get men into women’s facilities.”

Framed honestly, as what it is, this proposition is manifestly unhinged – or, as many people would recognize, evil.

So it’s no accident that, just at the time this issue is in the spotlight, we get a glimpse of the biological male the bathroom activists demand access for.  Because the activists want no rules or provisions that would keep this individual out of a women’s bathroom or locker room, he is, in fact, a poster face for the goal they seek…

Read the rest and see the individual in question at LibertyUnyielding.

Photo credit Ted Eytan

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