Media bias on full display in presidential campaign

Media Bias, Anti-Trump, Megyn Kelly, Fox News
Media Bias, Anti-Trump, Megyn Kelly, Fox News

The left derided the Republican presidential candidates at the onset. The mainstream media were complicit in mocking 17 people who threw their hats in the ring, rather than respecting people willing to fight the fight for an America they witness being in perilous free-fall.

There was a glaring lack of responsibility from the scoffers in choosing to point out the diversity of the Republican roster that included a female, Hispanics, an Indian American and an African American.

The irresponsibility was conspicuous: Republicans shall not be credited with having that which “big tent” Democrats claim to solely possess.

Today’s media coverage aggressively highlights the antics of the anti-Trump forces.

That distraction allows avoiding reporting on Hillary Clinton’s ongoing scandals and details of the vacuous Bernie Sanders.

I lost my candidate of choice, leaving me merely an observer. That stance allows freedom and clearer vision to recognize inequity and deceit.

The financially challenged L.A. Times felt compelled to send a reporter to Kallstadft, Germany, to story Donald Trump’s ancestry.

It’s no surprise that all of the interviewees dislike Trump and don’t want him as our president. Trump has never been to Kallstadt, and why would any voter care what its people think?

The stories masquerading as news coverage are designed to support today’s headline themes on the unrest and violence surrounding Trump’s campaign trail. We’ll be negatively saturated with this tomfoolery until November’s election.

Billionaire George Soros’ continues to cobble together protesters. These dissenters don’t work for free; they’re compensated for their jobs, making them hired thugs and professional agitators.

Fundamentally, it’s peculiar as to why Black Lives Matter is involved. I haven’t found one disparaging remark Trump has made about black people.

The common denominator is that helps fund Black Lives Matter.

Trump’s words are selectively isolated by design.

Trump hasn’t said Muslims should be forever stopped from coming to America. He wants the flow of migration stopped until America’s leaders figure out what’s going on.

“We’re out of control; we have no idea who is coming into our country. … “Great surveillance and vigilance must be adhered to.” Both those statements are accurate assessments.

Regarding Hispanics, Trump said: “I don’t see how there is any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the statement I made on June 16 during my presidential announcement speech.”

“What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”

“Many fabulous people come in from Mexico, and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally.” (Business Insider 7/6/15)

The First Amendment is the media’s life blood, yet they fail to discuss the denial and abridgement of Trump’s and his supporters’ First Amendment rights with protesters fevered to shut them up and out.

The reporting methodology is disgraceful. Trump is blamed for the disobedience and infringing acts of witless hooligans. They are the guilty ones.

The Times would better serve its readers by diligently reporting on Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds — like the discovery of emails with top secret and classified material available on her home server, bait for any low-level hacker.

These disclosures miraculously get released on Friday evenings before holiday weekends.

Many “dot-com” sites exposed the classified information on Hillary’s server such as McClatchy, New York Post, NBC News, Politico, and The Daily Beast, yet these facts are not prime-time or front-page news.

Hillary should have made big headlines recently for telling MSNBC: “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya (Benghazi).” That is markedly unbelievable.

But the fact that Hillary Clinton remains a viable presidential candidate, has a following and/or is not yet indicted or sitting in prison is just as unbelievable.

Likewise, there’s been no coverage on Bernie Sanders’ story. He’s a self-admitted socialist whose prime theme is “America will give it to you free.” Shameful from a man who never had a paying job in his life before the public trough of a government job, at age 50, nor has he ever hired anyone he was responsible for paying.

Sanders is wholly unskilled.

The Daily Mail described young Sanders as a “revolutionary” living in a sugar shack during his first marriage.

He went on to live with Susan Mott Glaeser and fathered an illegitimate son, Levi, in 1969. There’s no evidence Sanders financially supported that son.

Socialism and communism are alike in presenting that “everyone is equal … some are just more equal than others.” In either theory, someone’s holding and pulling the strings.

Bernie Sanders repeatedly preaches “political revolution.”

While unintended, apparently it’s here in the form of Donald Trump.

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.