LibLogic: Get arrested to reduce the influence of money in politics

Radical Left, Jesse Watters World, video still
Radical Left, Jesse Watters World, video still

Jesse Watters covered the recent march for “Democracy Spring” where they supposedly protested “the influence of money in politics.” That doesn’t sound so bad. Except that one of their stated goals was:

“to surpass all previous Capitol protest records for number arrested, topping 1,000 by the time the week-long demonstration wraps up.”

Because that’ll definitely help bring awareness to “money in politics”, right? Wrong!

Take a look at the folks participating and see for yourself. Let me know what you think. Mission accomplished… or clueless?

I’m thinking some parents should be rethinking their child’s educational choices right about now…

Here’s the followup story from USA Today. The report shows that there were around 5000 protesters. Only 900 were arrested. Looks like 4100 were unsuccessful at getting arrested. Epic #FAIL.

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