Liberals are going to hate what Texas A&M just announced

Concealed Carry, Gun rights, Man, 2nd Amendment
Concealed Carry, Gun rights, Man, 2nd Amendment

By Michael Ware

For years, we have been told that the worst thing that we could do is allow students at a University to carry a weapon onto campus. And year after year we have seen the shooting sprees continue and become even more frequent. It seemed that our Universities had become a microcosm of the 2nd Amendment debate.

There is not a decrease but an increase in gun violence where guns are banned. Now, in Texas, a new law has left the debate up to the individual schools. And Texas A&M has opened their campus up to conceal carry.

Breitbart reports

Texas A&M University and the affiliated universities in its system have embraced campus carry and will allow guns on campus with “few major restrictions.”
The policy now formulated and “approved Chancellor John Sharp and A&M System legal staff” allows concealed carry permit holders to carry in classrooms and dorms. Exceptions will be dorms at Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M International University and A&M-Corpus Christi, each of which “have dorms that are leased by third-party companies.”

This decision will come as dismay to some fearing gun violence, but when we see how it was that Chancellor Sharp came to this conclusion, we should feel better. He came to this conclusion by applying logic to the situation.

Breitbart continued

A&M Chancellor Sharp approached the matter differently, making clear his belief that concealed permit holders, who carry responsibly in places other than school, will carry responsibly in school as well. Sharp said, “Do I trust my students, faculty and staff to work and live responsibly under the same laws at the university as they do at home? Of course, I do!”

These students are acting with good sense and safety in mind off of the school campus, why would they act differently on the school campus? It is simple to deduce. These people have been trained to carry these firearms, and they are approved to carry them, why hinder their rights to carry?

Reprinted from via LibertyAlliance

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