Headscarfs will represent America in the 2016 Olympics

Muslim Woman Headscarf Olympics
Muslim Woman Headscarf Olympics

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim social media sites are saying that we’ll be seeing headscarfs representing America in the Olympics this summer.

But wait – headscarfs are NOT a religious requirement!

So why are CAIR and other Muslim groups in America promoting the wearing of headscarfs so intensely? And why the Olympics?

First and foremost, Muslims are to consider themselves to be Muslims. Muslims do not believe in nationalism; in other words, they do not believe in a national identity — only an Islamic identity.

The first thing Islamists do when they take over a country is force people to replace traditional clothing with Islamic clothing. They then remove the history of the country from textbooks and replace it with Islamic History. They ban national music and dance. Over time, the younger generations know nothing of the true history of their country and only know “Islamic” history — and they become totally unaware of the beauty and richness of their true cultural identity.

Islamic Doctrine demands that Muslims living in a non-Muslim country must remain “Distinct and Separate”. According to Islamic Doctrine, Muslims are not to assimilate — they are to live by Islamic Laws unnoticed until they can implement Islamic Law on their host country.

Islamic ideology is a supremacist ideology. The Quran states repeatedly that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. This supremacist ideology and belief system based on segregation and inequality is NOT American — it is Muslim.

It is Islamic “identity” that Muslims want shown in the Olympics — not American “identity”.

The Muslim women who will allegedly represent America will be representing Islam — they will not be representing America.

CAIR and other Muslim groups who are promoting the headscarf in the Olympics want to make sure that everyone sees them as Muslims — not as Americans. They want Muslim countries around the world, and Muslims living in Europe and other western countries, to watch the Olympics and see their successful gains in the conquest of America.

Muslims do not believe in America because they do not believe in democracy — the idea of democracy is explicitly forbidden and against the laws laid out in the Quran.

Muslims do not believe in human rights because the Quran specifically states that people are NOT equal and must not be treated equally.

Non-Muslims are not to have rights. Non-Muslims are considered to be of slave status. If a non-Muslim refuses to convert to Islam, they are to be either killed, used as slaves, or pay a tax to remain alive (without any other rights other than remaining alive). A Muslim is allowed to rape, maim, torture or commit an atrocity against a non-Muslim “tax payer”.

In every Muslim-dominant country throughout the world, women fight hard to remove this mark of oppression — the head scarf. But in America the head scarf is being promoted by every mosque, every Muslim organization, and every Muslim community center. Why is that? Because CAIR and all Muslim groups are using the headscarf to promote the Islamic agenda in America. Once they achieve certain goals, the headscarf will quickly return to being a tool of oppression and inequality.

Do not forget: According to the Quran and Islamic Law, Muslim women are to have half the rights of a man and to be totally obedient to a man–whether her father, brother, any male relative, or husband. A woman even has to be totally obedient to her sons. She does not even have rights to her body. Her father or husband can dictate what is done or not done to her body.

In every Muslim dominant country throughout the world, when headscarfs are enforced, skyrocketing rapes always occur. If a woman does not wear a headscarf, men are allowed to sexually harass her and even rape her with absolutely no repercussions. In many countries men are told by imams and Islamic “scholars” that women not wearing headscarfs must be raped.

CAIR and other Muslim groups in America are currently using the headscarf for several of their campaigns. They are using headscarfs to show their superiority over us. They are using headscarfs to enforce their Islamophobia campaign, and, they are using the headscarf to silence us.

CAIR uses headscarfs to take our rights away by filing law suits against us. We are accused of “racism” and “prejudice” if we complain that our headscarfed co-worker is allowed to take more breaks. CAIR wins because our employers can’t afford CAIR’s massive, expensive lawsuits. So Muslims get to take extra breaks at work and they get a special prayer room set aside for them. Equality? I don’t think so. This is supremacy in action — under the guise of religious “rights”. It’s one step forward in their strategy.

Thanks to CAIR’s Islamophobia and racist claims our children’s schools are being forced to have Islamic prayer rooms — and our children’s Muslim classmates get special “privileges” to miss class. Muslim students even get to leave during exams — for “prayers”.

America — you are being duped.

According to Islamic Doctrine, Muslims can skip prayers — even during Ramadan!

There is absolutely no need for prayer rooms at schools. Kids can go home after school and pray. Or go to their dorm room to pray. There is no reason for Muslim students to be allowed to leave class for “prayer”. Or to have special rooms set aside for prayer.

These “special privileges” are meant to show Muslim superiority — and worse — our children and grandchildren think Islam is more prestigious than Christianity or Judaism. Why else would their Muslim classmates be allowed special rooms and be allowed to skip class? Our youth are being taught that Islam is special and superior. Prayer rooms and leaving the classroom for prayer is also a strategy to make our kids susceptible to conversions to Islam.

America’s youth are being brainwashed.

Islamic Doctrine states that Muslims can combine prayers and do them during the evening prayer — but Muslims will do everything in their power to keep this information from you. They need Islam to be visible and to slowly make Islam dominant.

Will Muslims be allowed to drop and pray during the Olympics while they are “representing” America? Maybe even disrupt ceremonies by sticking their ass in the air?

Muslims do not represent America. Muslims do not WANT to represent America. They want to represent Islam and the supremacy of Islam. Muslims represent the opposite of us — and they know it — and this is why they want to make a blatant appearance at the Olympics.

If they were proud Americans they’d toss the headscarf — because the headscarf is not a religious requirement.

But they are Muslims — and they want you to know it.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.