Goading, Negativity, and Bickering…

Let's stop the bickering and rally together

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, GOP Candidates 2016
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, GOP Candidates 2016

After being focused on my “real job,” I finally took the time to look on here and see that for the first time, one of my blog posts went “viral” with over 4k views and 12 comments. Save Lexi has become a big issue as today marks three weeks since she was taken from her foster family with no contact since. #BringLexiHome is now the goal as they await the lower court’s decision.

My business celebrated 2 years on April 1st, and my grandma passed on March 2nd at the age of 94. Trump and Cruz are hashing it out over the potentially contested election as each try to sway delegates. Congress still doesn’t want to select Scalia’s replacement until after November, and North Korea has been testing missiles.

What is this world coming to? The news is filled with hate, violence, bickering, and conjecture. Why even bother to read or listen to anything anymore? I’ve heard people arguing that it’s not even worth it to vote since the delegates will be swayed at the convention, or because they can’t in good conscience vote for any candidate. I say it’s the lesser of two evils, because who wants Hillary?

No matter what you believe about any of the issues above, debate should be done with civility and respect for others’ opinions. People are sometimes afraid to voice their opinions because of the verbal attacks on social media, etc. Even Donald Trump has incited fear and violence at his rallies, by attacking candidates, using harsh language about immigration, and acting “unpresidential.” It’s time to be the better person and not let someone else goad you.Martin Luther King never

Martin Luther King never let anything rile him. Jesus, of the Bible, did not revile in return when people said false things about Him or beat Him. Oprah overcame a devastating childhood, and Bill Gates suffered through many failed businesses before becoming a billionaire. Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Nelson Mandela…the list goes on.

It’s time to save our nation through peace, respect, and maturity. Our nation needs us… but not to take it further downhill.

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