Christian statues defaced & beheaded… a sign of things to come

Norwood Virgin Mary Statue, Defaced, Allah
Norwood Virgin Mary Statue, Defaced, Allah

Boston has been experiencing Muslim “street prayers” where Muslims block the streets praying and the police don’t do anything about it. Now there has been a wave of desecration at churches in various suburbs of Boston.

See photos: a statue at a church in Norwood defaced and the word Allah sprayed on the base; head and hands chopped off a statue at a church in Burlington; head chopped off at a church in Billerica.

There have been other attacks on churches, but these were the most recent. There have also been similar attacks in Vermont, where I’ve received reports from friends that there is a growing number of Muslim immigrants and mosque building. I’ve heard there have been problems in Maine, too — places you wouldn’t think would have “Muslim problems,” but do.

I don’t know how many of you have been to New England, but it is not a place where you’d imagine “Muslim problems.” New England is filled with sleepy little towns and villages, each one with at least one classic, New England-style church at the center of town. To see the character of these towns change, with mosques being built, head-scarved and veiled women walking the streets, and growing crime, is very troubling. Yet, not surprising.

Three years ago, my husband and I took a vacation. We went to New York and Boston for a few days each to get far away from the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt. The ongoing violence was getting to me (Morsi was still president) and I needed a break. We had heard there were Muslim Brotherhood mosques in Boston, but we couldn’t believe it — in America? My husband decided to investigate for himself.

He went to a mosque in Cambridge and one in Roxbury, near the heart of Boston. Both mosques had imams who emphasized the most violent passages from the Quran and teachings of hatred towards Christians and Jews. This is typical in most mosques throughout the world, the teaching and preaching of violence and hatred from the Quran, but my husband somehow believed that it would be different in America. That the violent verses wouldn’t be emphasized — that American Muslims would be “moderate.”

He also found very violent books and literature offered at the mosques… for free. The books taught the Wahabi ideology — which is also the Muslim Brotherhood ideology — which focuses on jihad and Islam conquering the world.

Seeing these statues desecrated, and most especially the word Allah written on the one statue, is a sign of what’s to come. But it seems laws and political correctness have been put into place by Muslims and by CAIR — so Americans are going to have a very difficult time stopping it.

Streets and businesses are blocked by Muslims praying in the streets throughout America — and the police do nothing. But if Christians or Jews were blocking the streets, police would disperse them quickly.

When mosques are spray painted we hear cries of Islamophobia, and CAIR then says our laws must be further changed to “protect” Muslims. By “protect” they mean Muslims must not be “profiled” or watched and that mosques must not be monitored (Muslims do not want you to know what is being taught in mosques). CAIR says our laws must be changed in favor of Muslims because Muslims are “persecuted” and that America is “racist.” This is all part of their plan — and it’s working.

Photo credit Archdiocese of Boston

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.