Are ALL millennials self-absorbed, entitled whiners?

Alexis Bloomer, Video Still
Alexis Bloomer, Video Still

2 minutes and 17 seconds of hope in the next generation. If there’s one, there’s plenty of others. They just aren’t getting the air time that the whiners and misbehavers get. Face it, do-gooders are boring. There’s no shock value in doing the right thing. But those who do the right thing are the ones who build the lasting foundations for our future. They are still out there, as this young lady proves:

Everything that used to be frowned upon, is now celebrated.

Nothing has value in our generation because we take advantage of everything.

Not all millennials are self-absorbed, entitled whiners. So we do have hope! Thanks for reinforcing that hope Alexis!

H/T Alexis Bloomer TV/YouTube

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