1st Amendment or socialism… you can’t have both

Flag Stomp, 1st Amendment, Video Still
Flag Stomp, 1st Amendment, Video Still

It’s a shame these people don’t even realize that the flag they’re stomping on represents the thing that actually gives them the protection to stomp on it! Let’s see them try that in another country. They may not live to tell that tale!

The 1st Amendment is unique to these United States of America. It’s something we’ve all grown up with and never had to fight to keep.

It’s time for a wake-up call folks. We have been moving toward socialism at break-neck speed under Obama. And if another Democrat moves into the White House next year, we’re going to have to fight to maintain that 1st Amendment. Because religious freedom and free speech are NOT compatible with socialism. You can’t have both… and now is the time to choose.

Video via FoxNews


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