You can trust us, we’re the government!

At this point, it’s nothing but distractions. Trump is immoral, Rubio sold his home to a lobbyist, and Cruz is not a citizen. They’ve got us chasing our tails like a cat chases a red laser dot on the wall!
Our government keeps telling us they have our best interests at heart, can do what’s best for us, and can keep us safe!
When a private company puts out a product that is supposed to be safe for us and it’s found not to be, the government protects us by fining them, making them fix it, or shutting them down all together.
Unless of course that company or entity is… The Government!
When the government, through another government agency, OK’s a drug or procedure for use because the “government” has checked it out and deemed it safe for humans but then finds several years later it’s not, they levy huge fines on that company, set up trust funds to accommodate the payouts, and line lawyer pockets so everyone is a winner! Right?
How about when they tell you certain foods are bad for you? Then a few years later they are suddenly good for you. Only to find out down the road that people are growing second heads, extra fingers, or feet from those same so-called “safe ingredients.” You know, like the saw dust or wood content in your grated cheese. Stay with me here…
You see, our government keeps telling us these regulations and services are here to help us and when they fail they just keep adding more, like using chewing gum to plug holes in a dam.
BUT they fail at almost, note I said ALMOST, everything they do to “protect” us.
They spend hundreds of millions of dollars setting up online Obamacare exchanges that not only do not operate properly (even though they keep throwing millions at them to try to fix them), but come to find out, there is no real security on the backend to keep your medical data safe.
Do you know what happens to a hospital, doctor, or pharmacy who doesn’t protect your medical or personal data? The government says “The penalties for noncompliance are based on the level of negligence and can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation (or per record), with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year for violation(s)….
The government admitted they never checked security on the exchanges and hundreds of thousands of records were stolen. Who would you fine? Hmm? Each agency is funded with taxpayer dollars so the taxpayer would lose again. What a deal!
When Visa and MasterCard were hacked, the banks and institutions were fined millions of dollars and forced to implement tighter security. In reality, the fines were passed onto the consumers, but we signed up for it.
The government, in the form of the IRS, after spending millions of dollars for computer system upgrades and software security upgrades was hacked!
Isn’t it good to know that the people who say they can protect us, our medical information, our banking information, our gun information, and so much more, actually CAN’T protect us?!
The IRS originally told us that a little over 300 thousand records had been hacked by ________ (fill in the blank). But in reality, over 700 thousand records were stolen. Think hard. Tax ID’s, residences, assets, account numbers, and so on. Everything a thief would need to make your life a living hell!
Then there was that little issue with the CIA director’s email being hacked by a 17 year-old. Let that sink in. He gained access to the home system by saying he was a Verizon employee. No one called Verizon to verify? At the home of the Chief of the CIA?! HELLO! But, sure, we can trust the Government can keep us safe!
The NSA was informed by the Chinese government that their system was hacked by a group from their country, saying they were able to break in during a system upgrade.
Thousands of names, addresses, Social Security numbers, account info, health info, and more of applicants needing high-end security clearances are now sitting on computer systems in China along with information about immediate family members, also hacked!
Doesn’t all that make you feel safe?
When the government says, “We can protect you” you should get that comforting feeling you get when you hear the snap of the rubber glove right before a prostate exam!
America, protect yourself!

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