Why is it the U.S. kills just one ISIS “leader” at a time?

Sinai, Egyptian Army, via Cheri Berens (cc)
Sinai, Egyptian Army, via Cheri Berens (cc)

I’ve noticed that whenever the Obama admin is taking heat for either doing nothing about ISIS or for being blasé about terror, the US coalition takes out an ISIS “leader”. They take out just one guy.

The US coalition never takes out a cell or obliterates one of their enormous weapons stockpiles. They never hit one of their caravans of Toyotas waving ISIS flags driving through the empty desert roads on their way to destroy a Christian village in Deir Ezzor or Rakka. No, they killed a meaningless financial “leader” that will be replaced within minutes and which will never hinder ISIS troops from crucifying Christians or beheading children because they are “alleged” spies for the Syrian army. Killing one ISIS member will not hinder ISIS from spreading into nearby countries such as Egypt and Libya.

Worse, the Obama admin tried to take credit for the true advances made against ISIS — and I find that claim truly deplorable.

The advances achieved against ISIS have been achieved solely by the Syrian Armed Forces in coordination with Russian air strikes. Most of the hard-won battles were done on the ground (very ugly fighting), conducted by the various Syrian Armed Forces, including local National Defense Forces—Syrians who volunteered to fight ISIS and the other Islamist groups—and which includes many thousands of females and Christians.

None of this Syrian bravery is ever mentioned. None of the ongoing, daily battles between Syrian forces and ISIS are ever mentioned. Yet it is the Syrian forces, the Syrian people themselves, that have been slowly and steadily taking back territory from ISIS. The US coalition has had absolutely nothing to do with those gains. But they could have – if they had wanted to.

Russia has conducted air strikes on ISIS or al-Qaeda cells on an almost daily basis starting in September 2015. Not once did Russian strikes come close to civilian areas—strikes were always conducted in the countryside and outskirts of populated areas so that ground forces could then enter into the areas proliferated by terror cells. Meanwhile, the US coalition, when they do conduct an air strike, have repeatedly hit hospitals, army bases and civilian areas. Not once have they done any damage to ISIS.

While western media was proudly boasting of taking out an ISIS “leader”, and pretending that this was a major advancement, that very same day, the Syrian army, with the help of Russian intel, conducted special operations that not only took out a major ISIS cell, but they purposefully captured the command leader alive—yes, alive. Why? Because they want to gain valuable information from him. How will they do this? Torture of course. And every Syrian is all for it because what ISIS has done to the Syrian people is beyond the word “atrocity” and it must end. And the only way to end ISIS is to fight them on their terms.

Everyone in Egypt is happy about this “capture” too. In Egypt, ISIS killed 18 security police in the Sinai on March 19. During ex-President Morsi’s one year in power, the Muslim Brotherhood funneled in massive numbers of weapons and Islamist fighters from north Africa, building up a very large army of fighters in the Sinai. When the Muslim Brotherhood was finally removed from power, the Egyptian army went into the Sinai and has been fighting terror cells ever since. But the numbers of terrorists and arms continued to rise. And many of the terror groups that were created in the Sinai by the Muslim Brotherhood have since joined ISIS.

But Hamas continues to be Hamas, and is still strong in the Sinai via their tunnel making.

The Egyptian Army found endless numbers of Hamas tunnels along the border with Israel. The army destroyed over 1000 tunnels in just a few month’s time immediately following the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the army continues to find Hamas tunnels every single day. Hamas will not stop digging and transporting weapons and terrorists.

At least 60 terrorists were killed March 25th in the Sinai. Egyptians were happy about this and do not care how these terrorists were killed or treated.

The people (both Syrian and Egyptian) support their armies, they support death to ISIS and other terror groups, and they support torture of terrorists in order to prevent further attacks and atrocities.

Do you know who were the primary activists behind the campaign of ending waterboarding and closing GITMO? Muslim Brotherhood groups in America. They campaigned hard and with massive financial backing. They do not want terrorism to end.

As in Syria, every single day Egyptians lose family members who are in the Armed Forces fighting ISIS. Every once in a while Egyptians have a day like Friday (60 terrorists killed), in which they can celebrate. Millions of Egyptians gave words of continued support to their Armed Forces on social media. And it was the same with Syrians after they heard the announcement that their army had destroyed an ISIS cell and captured the ISIS commander – alive.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.