What is the Muslim Brotherhood doing in your state?

You’d better find out before it’s too late.

CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations
CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations

You’d better find out before it’s too late.

I follow most Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organizations in America on social media. I follow MB mosques, CAIR National, as well as CAIR state branches, and I follow ICNA, ISNA and MPAC — all powerful MB groups that recruit activists for the pro-Muslim agenda in America. I also follow several of the Muslim Student Associations in our top universities — MIT, Harvard, Georgetown, Yale and others. There are thousands of activist groups, with thousands of members, who are actively promoting an anti-America, pro-Muslim agenda both nationally and in your state.

All of these organizations have powerful “media” campaigns, some even have “journalist guides” for your local TV stations and newspapers. The guides instruct the media on political correctness; i.e. never use the words terrorist, Islam or Muslim when reporting crimes, or possible terror attacks, even when these acts are committed by Muslims.

Most all mosques in America have programs that promote conversions to Islam in poor neighborhoods, prisons, and also, many mosque communities target women at homeless shelters or battered wife facilities.

At first glance, you think these mosques are helping the poor, the homeless, the battered, but on closer look, when you follow the progress of these programs as I have, you see Islamic classes being given in the poorer neighborhoods and at homeless shelters and recognize that vulnerable sectors of our society are being targeted for conversions to Islam.

Many of these social media sites not only support Black Lives Matter but they create events for Black Lives Matter in coordination with Muslim events. Racial division is very important to CAIR.

Monthly, sometimes weekly visits to prisons are organized by many mosques to convert blacks and Hispanics in prisons. The numbers of converts in prisons are astronomical, thanks to the hundreds of mosques promoting this endeavor. Many of these converts are in prison for violent behavior. There are at least 22 known jihadi training camps in America. My guess is that many of the more violent recruits will be funneled into various training camps when they are released from prison.

CAIR and the other MB organizations know people look at their websites, therefore they do a lot of deceptive tactics. Many are pushing the word “Love”. Islam has no concept of love in its ideology. On the contrary, hatred and violence towards Christians and Jews is taught throughout the Quran – this hatred towards non-Muslims is a major foundation of Islamic ideology.

Using the word “Love” fools many Americans. It is a large part of the Interfaith scam. The Interfaith concept was started by Muslim Brotherhood members and is used incessantly by CAIR. When CAIR wants signatures on petitions that take away your rights or cause changes in our society—CAIR obtains the backing of Christian and Jewish groups—via the Interfaith scam.

Last year CAIR asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate gun shop owners who declared their shops a Muslim Free Zone. CAIR got 50 signatures, all from Christian and Jewish groups, to sign these petitions. The Christian and Jewish groups that belong to these Interfaith groups think they are fighting “discrimination”, but they are being used. The people who will be “discriminated” against via these petition drives will be the American people.

One of the biggest deceptions on these websites, Interfaith organizations, and mosque websites, is Quran verse 5:35. If they use this verse you know they are practicing the art of deception and radicalization:

Whoever kills a person, it is as if he has killed all mankind.
Whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.

You are led to believe the word “person” and “mankind” applies to all people. But what the verse says in its entirety is that if a Jew kills a Muslim, the crime must be treated as if that Jew has killed all Muslims. In other words, a Jew killing a Muslim is a crime of the largest magnitude (hint: think about Israel). This verse is used in mosques worldwide to promote hatred towards Jews and Israel.

These two lines were used as the opening “prayer” for Obama’s Conference on Counterterrorism last year. Counterterrorism? This verse is used in mosques to promote acts of terrorism!

Our US Congress has opened their sessions with this verse — as an opening payer! A prayer! This verse is a threat directly aimed at Jews and all non-Muslims. And since Islamic ideology does not consider Jews or Christians to be equal to “humans” (the Quran calls them apes to designate their lower status), this verse should not be used as a “prayer” by our Congress. This verse is stating that people are not equal. That Muslims have more rights than non-Muslims, as outlined in the Quran (women have ½ the rights as men; non-Muslims have no rights, are considered slave status, etc.)

Muslim groups have tremendous power and often enact this power via activism and lawsuits, usually based on “human rights” or accusations of “racism”.

For example, a woman applies for a job. When she applied she did not wear a hijab. But as soon as she is hired she shows up at work wearing a hijab and begins taking personal breaks at prayer times. When the employer says no to the extra “breaks”, she files a lawsuit via CAIR. Then CAIR, using various social media campaigns, rallies Muslims to protest and sign petitions against this act of “racism” and “prejudice” against Muslims. And since employers can’t afford these expensive lawsuits, and because they often do not want the negative press (banks and universities do not want this type of press), they kowtow. Muslim employees are then allowed to take longer and more frequent breaks. They are often allowed special rooms set aside as prayer rooms.

You’ve probably seen the lawsuits brought against supermarkets. Throughout America, Muslims are allowed special check out lanes because they don’t want to touch a bottle that contains alcohol, or touch a container that contains pork.

Muslims are not supposed to “consume” alcohol or pork, but there is nothing that says they cannot touch a bottle, container or package containing those substances. The “separate checkout lanes” are orchestrated to give Muslims special rights. Muslim Supremacy is mandated by Islamic Law. This “Supremacy” is mentioned throughout the Quran and is a foundation of Islamic ideology. It is against Islamic Law for non-Muslims to be treated equal to Muslims. Muslims are to be “distinct and separate”. The Quran states very clearly that Muslims are to have more rights than non-Muslims.

CAIR is also creating “hate crimes”. Every year the FBI’s “hate crime” list shows that crimes against Muslims is lower than any other group. Crimes against Jews, blacks and homosexuals always rank much, much higher than crimes against Muslims. Hate crimes against Muslims are few and always rank lowest on the list. My opinion, after monitoring CAIR for over a year, is that the majority of these recent “hate crimes” against Muslims were created by CAIR to implement new laws regarding “discrimination against Muslims”.

CAIR desperately wants the number of hate crimes to rise. CAIR will use hate crimes to promote their agenda, to take away our basic freedoms, and to make more changes to our Homeland Security and Law Enforcement policies.

These groups claim there is prejudice and hatred towards Muslims and therefore mosques and Muslims must not be monitored. CAIR declares that our suspicions of possible radical behavior, even when valid, are “Islamophobia”, and that “hate” and “prejudice” are the cause of our suspicions. CAIR wants “hate crimes” against Muslims to show up in police reports, which will make hate crimes against Muslims show up in the next FBI hate crime statistics. Once they achieve this new statistic, more Homeland Security and Law Enforcement policies will change yet again to “protect” them.

CAIR is the main group behind Hijab Day at your child’s school or university, and also National Hijab Day. Why are we allowing this to happen? Because schools and universities are afraid of being called Islamophobic. This word was created by CAIR and implemented by various MB groups in universities, and now is a word that is used incessantly by every Muslim activist group.

In January, CAIR National announced the following regarding their affiliate, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC): “MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau will meet with entertainment executives regularly and often, and attend all events, such as the Sundance Film Festival, to further help move our cause forward.”

Not long after this announcement, the Sundance Film Festival was held, and various movie stars, directors and producers made statements to the press, that America was racist. One example was Danny DeVito, who said this in an interview at the Sundance Festival: “The entire country is a racist country … We’re living in a country that discriminates … generally speaking, we’re a bunch of racists.”

Not long after the Sundance Festival, Obama visited a Muslim Brotherhood mosque and made a press conference. Obama said that Americans form a “hugely distorted impression” against Muslims based on TV, film and negative news reporting. He said that the film industry must start promoting a good image of Muslims. Obama called for “writers and producers to create more rounded Muslim characters on television”. Within a few days after Obama made those statements, Secretary of State John Kerry met with film industry heads and said that ISIS should be battled by using the film industry.

We will soon see changes in children’s shows, TV programming and movies. The Muslim agenda will soon be seen in a vast array of film media. And it won’t be about “fighting ISIS”. No, instead there will be a noticeable promotion of head-scarfed girls and other pro-Muslim agendas to make Islam seem desirable and harmless. Our children and grandchildren will be slowly brainwashed.

CAIR state branches constantly announce “events”. They have petition campaigns, rallies at courthouses, and they invite Islamic speakers to speak about “Muslim Issues”. Following your local CAIR branch is informative. For example, in Oklahoma they just hosted “Muslim Day at the Capitol”. Guest speakers discussed these topics:

* Oklahoma’s Public Education (they want to make changes that are more pro-Islam)

* The 10 Commandments, Sharia Law, and the Separation of Church and State (they want to insert Islamic Law into government)

* I Stand With Ahmed and Black Lives Matter: How Social Media Helps Achieve Cultural Change

A key word used in one of the topics above was “Cultural Change”. This is one of their main goals: changing western culture to an Islamic culture.

Do you want to participate in ending this slow progression of “take-over”? Then follow CAIR social media sites. At the bottom of the attached webpage I’ve listed state by state info. Also, on the link is additional Islamic terms used to fool Americans so you will know what Muslim groups really mean when they use certain terms. For example, Terrorism: Terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed (see how you can be misled by their terminology?). Click this link for all of the terminology and state by state info.

Knowledge is power. Know what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in your state!

Photo credit CheriBerens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.