What do Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida all have in common?

Hispanics are converting to Islam in enormous and rapid numbers.

Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Caribbean Islands
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Caribbean Islands

The mention of Puerto Rico on Super Tuesday made me remember something that happened a few months ago. After writing an article about the Muslim vote in the 2016 elections, my website stats showed an enormous number of hits (readers) in Puerto Rico. Within a few days, the hits kept growing and I also began getting hits in the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and then enormous hits in Cuba and Venezuela.

Venezuela? I got curious and did some research, and found that we are in serious trouble.

The surge in the Muslim population in Venezuela began in 1993 when a Mega Mosque was built. At that time, Venezuela’s president, Carlos Perez, said: “The mosque represents our excellent relations between Venezuela and Saudi Arabia”. The mosque was paid for and built by Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz al-Ibrahim, brother-in-law of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the Saudi royal family was also building mosques in other cities not normally associated with Islam: Dusseldorf, Gibraltar, Milan and Moscow. Soon after building these Mega Mosques, Muslim populations and conversions grew very rapidly in those locations. Where mosques grow Muslims flow. Venezuela now has a very influential Muslim population—backed by Saudi Arabia.

In November 2015, Turkish President Erdogan went to Cuba and announced the construction of a Mega Mosque in Cuba. Also in November, Erdogan told a conference of Muslim leaders from Latin America that Muslims had reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus and that Cuba rightly belongs to Islam (according to Islamic Doctrine, when Muslims step foot on foreign land, that land becomes Islamic land forever). Erdogan saying that Muslims discovered the Americas has very serious implications.

At that time Erdogan also told reporters at a news conference that the Cuban government had given Saudi Arabia permission to build a Mega Mosque in Havana and that Turkey planned to build other mosques in various locations throughout Cuba. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia see the rapidly growing Muslim population in Cuba as an opportunity to expand that growth even further, but to also spread their form of ideology, Wahhabi, which is based on Islamic Supremacy and jihad to spread Islamic Rule throughout the world.

In October 2008, Cuba’s state oil company, Cubapetroleo, announced discovery of one of the world’s largest oilfields in the waters off Cuba. It is what geologists call a ‘Super-Giant’ field. Estimates are that the Cuban field is one of the largest Super-Giant oilfields ever discovered.

Qatar is also busy in Cuba, renovating existing mosques and giving enormous donations to Muslim groups there. And Hezbollah, too, is busy in Cuba, sending delegations starting in 2011. Neighboring Venezuela is also known to harbor Hezbollah.

Saudi Arabia spends around 5 billion dollars per year on the spread of Wahhabism, which is based on Islamic Supremacy and Jihad to gain Islamic Rule. And ever since Erdogan became president of Turkey, Turkey has followed in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia by also spending billions to spread the same ideology.

A terrorist-linked group, Humanitarian Relief Foundation (HRF), based in Turkey and involved with Erdogan’s Islamist political party (which is Muslim Brotherhood based), is also involved in Cuba. In 2012, HRF funded a mosque building campaign in Cuba and publishing Islamic books in Spanish – books that focus on the radical Islamic ideology of jihad.

Turkey is currently funding Mega Mosque building throughout the world, even constructing a $100 million Mega-Mosque in Maryland. Obama agreed in April 2015 that he would join Erdogan in Maryland to officially “celebrate” the opening of the Mega Mosque.

Note: Turkey is also targeting Native Americans. In 2010, Turkish lobbyists spent more than one million dollars in Washington DC to pay for Native Americans to visit Turkey – an obvious attempt to spread Islamist ideology throughout the Native American community.

In one of Hillary Clinton’s emails released a few weeks ago, an email dated in June, 2011 spoke of a meeting with Hillary and the Saudis regarding a 35 billion dollar oil refinery that the Saudis are building in Haiti to service the US market. Geophysicists say that Haiti may be one of the world’s richest zones for oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly in magnitude greater than that of Venezuela. Saudi Arabia is also promoting mosque building in Haiti. Haiti will soon have a growing Muslim population, along with a boom in mosque building. And where mosques grow Muslims flow.

Puerto Rico
Muslim converts in Puerto Rico are rising at a frightening speed. Because of this rise, mosque building is also on the rise in Puerto Rico – which always leads to an even faster growth of conversions and Muslim population growth.

I discovered that Florida now rivals New York in Puerto Rican population. And that Hispanics and Latinos are the fastest growing sectors of the Muslim community in America. And since the Hispanic/Latino population is America’s largest minority group, this growth in converts to Islam is quite alarming. Enormous numbers of our Christian population is converting to Islam.

The American Muslim Association of North America (which is based in Florida) says Florida is rapidly becoming home to a very large number of Muslim converts and that those numbers are escalating at a rapid pace, thanks to conversion programs promoted in mosques. Mosques send members out to Hispanic neighborhoods to promote Da’wa (conversions to Islam).

Florida has around 120 mosques – that is a very large number. Where mosques grow Muslims flow.

Let’s go back to Erdogan’s claim that Muslims discovered the Americas and the Islamic Doctrine of “Offensive” Jihad, or “Opening the Door”. I will use al-Aqsa mosque in Israel as a perfect example because we may one day see the same type of “uprising” in the Americas.

Al-Aqsa mosque, which Palestinians commit constant violence over, and which the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS use in their propaganda against Israel—stating that al-Aqsa must be “liberated” from occupation-–is based on the Islamic Doctrine that Islam owns the land that Muslims have “opened”—or stepped foot onto. Once Muslims have “opened” the land to Islam—it is theirs forever. From that point on, Muslims can rightfully “defend” that land — fight for it — which is called “defensive” jihad. Hence, in the case of al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Muslims believe they must “liberate” their land from Israeli “occupation”.

Wherever Muslims migrate to, they claim the land to Islam, and to mark their claim, they build mosques.

Erdogan, by declaring that Muslims discovered the Americas, has basically laid the foundation for an Islamic takeover of Cuba and the “Americas”. Erdogan is saying that we are “occupying” Muslim land (like Israelis are occupying Muslim land). And according to Islamic Doctrine, Muslims have the right to “defend” their land. That is why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are promoting the Islamic ideology of Muslim Supremacy and Jihad in every mosque they build.

Right now, the Muslim Brotherhood organization, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), is sponsoring a “documentary” titled “Eight Centuries of Muslims in America”. Eight centuries? That would mean Muslims have been in America since the 1200’s. ICNA plans to tour this documentary in every state in America and will be brainwashing Muslim groups, but also young Americans (they are inviting school children to see the “documentary” at public libraries via field trips).

Are we going to see our history books changed to reflect this idea of Muslims discovering the Americas?  You bet. CAIR and other Muslim groups have already infiltrated the writers of Common Core, our universities textbooks, and many other publishing outlets.

The enormous funneling of Muslim immigrants into western countries has been promoted and funded primarily by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. These immigrants aren’t coming to “immigrate”. They’ve been told to spread Islam – as defined in Islamic Doctrine. It is their ticket to Paradise — guaranteed. These immigrants will never assimilate. According to Islamic Doctrine, Muslims must always keep their own laws and remain “separate and distinct” from the native society.

Mohammad said that Muslims must form a separate body and keep their own laws and eventually make the host country comply with Islamic laws. Mohammad said that Muslims who immigrate should never integrate with the native society. Muslim immigration is considered to be a transitional period of preparation for changing the native society from an open society to an Islamic society. 

What is the purpose of all the mosque building in the Americas? Mosques are used for the promotion of Islamic Doctrine. And Islamic Doctrine requires the “application of Islamic Law within its geographical reach”. Islamic Doctrine involves the overall goal of war on non-Muslims, and of conquest—as laid out in the Quran.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.