Trump in chalk damages college kids’ “psychological well-being”

Trump, Chalk Art, Emory University
Trump, Chalk Art, Emory University

Emory University student government is setting aside money for students whose “psychological well-being” has been damaged by pro-Trump chalk markings around campus.

What did these offensive chalk markings say?

“TRUMP 2016”

You can see the chalk writings here (WARNING: Sensitive material to wimpy college kids!) along with the official response from the college president.


Are they joking?!? THAT’s what caused them psychological damage? No, unfortunately, they’re not joking. They’re serious. Dead serious.

Instead, they should use the money to teach a REAL Constitution 101 class with a heavy emphasis on the 1st Amendment and free speech.

Then follow it up with additional classes to explain to these wimpy kids that in “real life” you will see things you don’t agree with, but that doesn’t make you entitled to anything.

And lastly, one final class to help build up their sensibilities before they embark into real-world situations, because apparently, they can’t handle anything!

If the next generation can’t handle civilized political discourse and are damaged by the mere sight of a candidate’s name scribbled in chalk on a sidewalk… how, exactly, will our great Republic continue?

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